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Coconut Rene Candy

Subject: Coconut Rene
From: J 
Date: 12/24/2022, 2:06 PM

I stumbled upon your website while discussing a family recipe that our 
Nana made along with other traditional Christmas candies. Our Nana called 
it Coconut Rene, and I couldn't find any mention of it anywhere online 
but this inquiry on your website!


I've attached my Nana's hand written recipe for this, in case it can 
be of assistance to the original writer. It's very similar to what 
you have typed, ours is just more square shaped as it's dipped after 
chilling and cutting. Our Nana just always called it Coconut Rene! 
We make it every year for Christmas, along with fudge, potato candy, 
buckeyes, and other things.


Renes Coconut Candy.jpg

Renes Coconut Candy.jpg	147 KB
PXL_20221224_190356161.MP.jpg	3.2 MB

Rene's Coconut candy

1 1/2 pounds	powdered sugar
1 pound     	chopped pecans
1 pound		coconut flakes
1 1/2 sticks 	margarine
1 can		Eagle Brand milk
1 12 oz pkg	chocolate chips


Mix sugar, pecans and coconut loosely in a large bowl. 
Melt margarine and add milk. Mix well and pour over 
mixture and work in. Pat the mixture into a greased 
8 x 14 inch pan. Refrigerate 3 to 4 hours or set in 
freezer for 1 hour.

Hi Shannon,

One of my readers sent the attached photos in response to your request of 2-2-22 for a "Rene candy" recipe. One is a photo of the recipe for "coconut Rene", but it is incomplete. There appears to be more of the recipe written on the back of the paper. I asked the reader to send me a photo of the back side, which must contain instructions for the chocolate coating. It's been several days and I have not received it, so I'm sending what I have to you in the attached graphic files. If I receive the rest of the recipe, I will send it on to you.


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