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Camp Birch Hill Molten Cinnamon Toast

Subject: molten cinnamon toast
From: Mary
Date: 11/17/2022, 1:48 PM

On 11/16/2022 1:56 PM, Mary wrote:

Dear Phaedrus,

In the mid- to late 1950s, at Birch Hill Camp in New Durham, New Hampshire, 
the cook served cinnamon toast for breakfast sometimes.† It was a slice of 
bread with a thick layer of molten, cinnamon-flavored, semi-solid liquid on 
top of the bread and a thick and crunchy cinnamon crust over the liquid. 
The cook stacked 8 slices of cinnamon toast at an angle in a bread basked 
for each table, and the crust was thick and sturdy enough that it didnít 
break in the stack.† The toast was very hot.† You had to wait for it to 
cool a bit so as not to burn your mouth.† When you bit into the toast and† 
the crust, the molten thick cinnamon liquid (the consistency of thick honey) 
would ooze out and run down your chin.† It was delicious.† Iíve never been 
able to reproduce it.† Can you help?† Please.† That cinnamon toast is my 
best memory from childhood.†


Hi Mary,

I found a lot of mentions of Camp Birch Hill, including their website, but I did not find any mention of a cinnamon toast or a particular toast served there, nor could I find any recipe for "molten cinnamon toast."

Their website is at: Camp Birch Hill

They have a Facebook page at: Camp Birch Hill on Facebook

I will post this for reader input.


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