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Tips on Finding Your Recipe

Hi Folks,

I'm gonna make a page here addressing some of the repeat questions that I get. This'll save you time and me, too. I'm also gonna give some tips that will help me find your recipe:

  • The Most Popular Requests Page has links to the requests that I get again and again.
  • There is an Alphabetical Index of all the recipes on the site
  • There is a Search Box at the upper left of every page. You can use it to search my site just like you use Google to search the web.
  • The name of the dish is very important in finding a recipe.
  • Giving as many ingredients as possible helps me narrow it down.
  • Knowing that it came off the back of a can of something helps only a little. People just don't list recipes that way. The name of the dish and as many ingredients as possible is more helpful.
  • Please give your name. It's friendlier. I like to know who you are. I won't give it out on the Internet. I only use first names on my page.
  • I also answer questions that have nothing to do with food or recipes.
  • The e-mail is:


Master Chef Donuts

See Electric Donuts for the donut machine recipes.

Restaurant Recipes

These can be really tough. The exact name of the dish and as good a description as possible are helpful. These are almost impossible to find from just a few ingredients. Sometimes all I can find is something similar. If so, I'll send it on to you even though it may not be the exact recipe. A good description of the dish is necessary, because if I've never been to that restaurant or had that dish there, then I have no idea what to recommed as being similar. See here for more on Restaurant Recipes

Italian Cookies

See Italian Cookies for the Italian Cookies recipes.

"Aunt Emily's" Recipes

These are almost as difficult as Italian cookies. While I have a big database of recipes in which I can search by ingredients, if you only provide a few ingredients, that may still leave a hundred or so recipes to sift through. The name of the dish often identifies it quickly. What did Aunt Emily call her chicken dish that was an old German recipe?

Recipes on Packages and Cans

Ack! Y'know how many recipes Hershey's Cocoa has had on it's cans in the last 75 years? Lots.... Know how many chocolate dessert recipes say "this is off the Hershey's Cocoa can?" Almost none.... Besides, sometimes that fudge recipe that you always thought was from the can never was on the can. I know, because I got copies from Hershey's of all the labels they ever had... The same issues apply to Baker's Coconut, Pet Milk, Carnation milk, and dozens of other products that put recipes on their boxes or cans. When people do put these recipes online, they usually don't put "this recipe is from the Hershey's can", and they may even just put "two tablespoons of cocoa" instead of "two tablespoons of Hershey's cocoa." So, if I'm looking for the chocolate pie recipe from the Hershey's cocoa can, all I can do is look for recipes that use cocoa powder. There may he hundreds. That's why, the more ingredients you can tell me, the better. Thankfully, sometimes people do give brand names of ingredients, so I can occasionally find this type of recipe.

See Back of the Box Recipes for more about these.


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