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Miss Hullings' Salmon Croquettes with Pea Sauce

-----Original Message----- 
From: Maggie
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:55 PM
Subject: Miss Hullings Salmon Croquettes with pea sauce

Please see the above, thank you.   


Hi Maggie,

I had no success locating a Miss Hullings recipe. It may be in one of the Miss Hullings cookbooks, which you can find for sale at Amazon or E-Bay.

There are several other recipes for salmon patties and pea sauce. For one, see: Salmon Patties with Creamed Peas

I'll post this on the site. Some of my readers have the Miss Hullings cookbooks. Perhaps they will help out.


Grady's Restaurant Queso Dip

From: Tammi 
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2014 2:35 AM
Subject: Looking for recipe from restaurant that is no longer in business.

There used to be a restaurant that was part of the Howard Johnson Motel establishment in Cookeville TN 
called Grady's and they made the most wonderful Mexican dip for tortilla chips. It wasn't like salsa and 
it wasn't like liquid cheese. It was like a fluffy cream cheese with just the right amount of spices. 
I've tried for 15 yrs to replicate it but no luck. There must be a secret ingredient that I am missing. 
If you could help, I would be most grateful.

Hello Tammi,

Grady’s Restaurant (aka “Grady’s Goodtimes Restaurant” and aka “Grady’s Lounge”) was at 2019 E Spring St (aka 2019 Highway 70 East) in Cookeville, TN. Howard Johnson’s Motel is at 2021 E Spring St.

Searching for “Grady’s Restaurant” Cookeville, TN, I was taken to a menu with no name on it that listed “chips with your choice of queso or spinach dip.” I am therefore led to believe that the dip you seek was a queso dip.

However, I can find no other mention of the dip at Grady’s Restaurant. There are dozens of queso recipes with all sorts of ingredients, but I could not confidently recommend a recipe without knowing what Grady's queso was like.

I’ll post this on the site in case a reader can help with Grady’s particular queso.


Grady's Queso Recipe
From: Ben 
Date: 3/14/2020, 10:37 PM

Here is the actual Grady's restaurant recipe that another person was looking for years ago, 
only problem is that its in 12lb and 24lb increments:



Thanks, Ben!

Folks, I have transcribed the recipe from Ben's graphic to text below. Sorry, I can't cut it down to home size for you. Hopefully, you can figure it out.


Grady's Restaurant Queso

For 3 Gallons:

Ingredients			Amt
Processed Cheese		12 lbs		
Milk, 2%			2 qts
Tomatoes, Diced*, Fresh		3 qts
Jalapeno Peppers,Diced*,Canned 1 cup
Green Chilis,Canned,Chopped	1 qt
Onions, Red, Diced*   		2 cups
Garlic, Bottled			2 tsp
Flour				2 cups
Cayenne Pepper			2 tsp
Salt, Iodized			2 tsp


1. Hands, work are, and utensils must be clean and sanitary.
2. Cut processed cheese into 5" chunks and place in 6" deep
   hotel pan**, add milk.
3. Wrap with plastic wrap and foil, place in steamer or on 
   stove in a double boiler for 15 minutes.
4. Place vegetables and garlic in a sauce pan and cook for 
   15 - 20 minutes under medium heat, stirring every 2 - 3 
5. Place all chopped vegetables in china cap***. Extract any 
   residual juice.
6. Place in kettle**** at 225 degrees F. and add flour, cayenne 
   and salt. Stir well and cook 5 minutes.
7. Remove cheese from steamer or double boiler and stir well.
8. Add cheese to tomato vegetable roux.
9. Bring to 160 degrees F. for approximately 8 minutes.
10. Remove from kettleimmediately, place in stock pot and place 
    in ice bath in sink. This will help thicken and stop the 
    cooking process. Cool product to below 40 degrees F.
    Transfer to appropriate containers. Store in refrigeration.

* "diced" = 1/4 inch
** a "hotel pan" is the same as a full "steam table" pan. For
   making small quantities at home, use the double boiler.
*** a "china cap" is a large, funnel-shaped strainer. For home,
    use a large, ordinary tea strainer.
**** Not a tea kettle. This is a larger electric or steam cooker.
    For home use, a saucepan will work. (To make a roux, perhaps 
    a little oil in the bottom of the saucepan?)

Seessel's French Pinwheel Cookies

-----Original Message----- 
From: Marilyn 
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2014 2:22 PM
Subject: Seesel's French Pinwheel Cookies

Ever since the Seesel's Grocery Stores of Memphis, TN have been shuttered, I 
have been in mourning for this lost cookie.  Seesel's name for them was 
French Pinwheel Cookies.  They had a very buttery flavor and either 
strawberry or raspberry preserves to make the "pinwheel" effect and then 
they were topped with a Royal Icing glaze. Chopped nuts sparingly in the 
dough may have been pecans, but not sure.  Have Googled until my fingers 
bled, even approached the owner's children (now in their 50's or 60's) 
through a mutual friend, to no avail, tried some recipes that sounded like 
they could be the real deal but came out nothing like what I have been 
searching for.  I think I've checked your archives to a sufficient degree 
and am not finding anything even possibly by another name.  Please help me, 
I have Jones-ing for these cookies for about 20+ years!

Hi Marilyn,

Sorry, I had no success with this. I saw a request to the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper for this recipe from 2010 that has never been answered. Brothers Art and Jerry Seessel sold the stores in 1997 to Bruno's -> Albertson's -> Schnuck's -> Kroger's (Kwik-Shop)?. One of those companies who owns or has owned them is likely to have the recipes, whether they are using them or not. If the Seessel family didn't sell the recipes with the stores, then they yet may be the only ones who have them. Best I can do is post this on my site. Maybe a reader can help. Your best hope is probably a former Seessel's Bakery employee.


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