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German Dessert

On 16 Jul 2007 at 21:05, Pam wrote:

> My German Grandmother used to make a dessert which she called
> Maultashen, however, in researching this name, I have found that
> Maultashen is a sort of German version of ravioli filled with spinich
> and meat. This is not at all what Gram made as a dessert. Here are
> what we have established were the basic ingredients:
> A homemade noodle consisting of flour and water 
> Huckleberrys or Blueberries
> Heavy Cream
> Sugar
> Butter
> Gram would roll out the noodle mixture, cut it into lasagna sized
> noodles, and let it dry. She would then place a layer of noodles in
> her "special" pan, butter the noodles, and then place a layer of
> berries and then sprinkle with sugar. She would then continue layering
> with the same ingredients, at least 3 layers, and then pour heavy
> cream over it and bake it.
> Have you every heard of anything like this recipe? I would love to
> know if there is actually a name for it, or if it is one of Gram's
> concoctions (a good one at that). 
> Thanks for your time.
> Pam 

Hi Pam,

Sorry, I cannot find anything quite like that. It sounds like some sort of kugel, but I could not locate a kugel recipe with cream and berries.


Mexican Pizza

On 17 Jul 2007 at 16:18, yolanda wrote:

> Hi,  I am trying to find a recipe that I used to have for Mexican
> Pizza.  There was no meat in it.  The ingredients I remember were
> eggs, cheddar cheese, milk  chili powder, a small can of mild green
> chilis, maybe onions and probably salt.  The crust which was pressed
> into the bottom of the pan had flour, chili powder, onions and sorry,
> but I don't know what else.  Tried the internet but could not find the
> recipe.  Thanks for your help.                         Yolanda

Hi Yolanda,

Sorry, I had no success finding this.


Hopewell Hash

In York County SC,in the Hopewell community it has been a tradition for many 
years to host the Hopewell Hash & Singing. They make a beef hash that is 
outstanding. They will only say that it has beef,onions, and butter with 
minimal spices and No potatoes.I know they cook it outside in an iron pot 
until it is like mush and they serve it over rice. I would appreciate any 
help in finding this recipe or anything like it.
By the way, I love your site and it has found recipes I couldnt find 
anywhere else.


Hopewell Hash

5 lb lean round roast, cubed like for stew
cook in pot of water for 2 hours (bring to boil then simmer)
drain pot

chop up or shred meat
put back in pot with more water
add 1 1/2 lbs chopped onions 
1 1/2 oz of salt and 1 1/2 oz pepper
cook 6 hours at 225-250
add 1/2 lb butter and let cook another hour
try without vinegar first


if serving over rice, add 1/4 cup of vinegar
if serving with slaw, mustard , and bun you can leave out vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

Johnny Agnew's

I'm looking for recipe of a sandwich stand I went to in Kansas city MO in
the late 50s

And early 60s .the name was johnny Agnew 14th and forest downtown KC best I
have ever had .I tried to get the breading recipes and could never come up
with it

I truly will be thankful 


White's Bakery

Hello- from shirley-flint, mi formerly owosso, Mi   
Back in the 1970-80's there was a White's Bakery in Owosso, Mich.
They had the only Triangle Donut with the Bavarian Cream filling.
I was young and didn't get to ask then on radio" WFDF 91 Betty 
Clark party line" if she could find or then get that recipe.
I now hope you may have some access to find that recipe or someone
 who now makes them.

thank you for trying 

It was triangle shape - the filling was out of this world.The only
thing close was a vanilla cream topping for a bread pudding.
I don't have that recipe. only tasted that in Las Vegas

Greg, a reader, sends this:

I was reading your website and the "recent case" of "White's Bakery" in 
Owosso, Michigan and their donut triangles caught my eye...
I live in Owosso, and there is a donut shop (called "Benny's" on 723 W. Main Street - 
formerly "Betty's") that still makes the triangles with the bavarian creme filling... 
I suppose that you could either direct your reader to Benny's, or you could contact 
the owner and see if he'll share the recipe...
Good luck - and happy hunting!


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