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Red Oaks Inn Cake

Dear Uncle Phaedrus,
I am searching for a lost old family loved recipe that appeared in Sphere
magazine put out by Betty Crocker in approx 1976-1978.  It was from Red
Oak's Inn and had buttermilk, cinnamon, and cocoa. The icing was thick and
smooth with powdered sugar. I have been trying to get Sphere magazines off
Ebay but so far have not been able to find the correct one. I would love
to make this for my family.
Thanks in advance.


Will Wright's Macaroons

The wonderful ice cream chain in Los Angeles, Wil Wright's, used to  
serve a small macaroon with each fountain order. They were incredibly  
delicious, almond flavored, crisp outside/soft inside.
The original Wright's parlors are long gone.
When I raised the question (for either recipe or source) on, one reader remembered them well, and said that the Los  
Angeles Country Club was the only place that she had found an  
apparently identical cookie. Other readers made me aware that almond  
"macarons" are not coconut based at all -- news to me -- and showed  
one recipe. Another reader recommended you, as a super sleuth for  
I see that you have previously found one recipe for Turkish  
Macaroons, and several for Italian Amaretti cookies, all of which  
sound like they could be what I'm seeking. Are you able to connect  
the Wil Wright's recipe and/or the LACC recipe with any of the ones  
you've published?
Many thanks

A reader sent this recipe:

Like Will Wright's Macaroons

1 (7 ounce) tube almond paste
3/4 cup sugar
2 egg whites, lightly beaten
1 tablespoon flour

Combine almond paste and sugar.  Add lightly beaton egg whites until
mixture is smooth and not runny.  Mix in flour until well mixed.  

Drop batter by teaspoons (or less for smaller cookies) onto greased
and floured foil lined baking sheet.  Bake at 325 degrees 15 minutes
(10 to 12 minutes for smaller cookies).  Cool slightly before
removing.  Makes 2 dozen cookies.
From: Stephanie
Subject: Will Wright's macaroons
Date: Saturday, August 01, 2015 4:57 PM

The recipe you have on your site is from the old Culinary SOS column in the 
LA Times, and it had been contributed by a reader who "thought" she had 
the  recipe., the website for the company that makes the almond paste that  
makes up the predominance of the recipe, has what I think is a better recipe. 
Their almond macaroons taste just like dear departed Will Wright's to me!
Thanks for your website!

Morrison's Creole Sauce & Meatloaf

am searching for the recipe for the Morrison's meatloaf  and the Creole
sauce it was so good and they are gone  I have searched all I can with no

Hello Jud,

See here: Morrison's Meatloaf

See below for the creole sauce.


Creole Sauce

Ingredients for One Gallon:

oil			1 1/2 lbs
ham hocks		1/2 lbs
celery			2 lbs
garlic			2 cloves
onions			2 lbs
#10 can tomatoes	1 can
sugar			1/2 cup
Lea & Perrins 		1/3 cup
pepper			1 tsp.
salt			1/3 cup
CRAB BOIL*		1 tsp		
cleaned bell pepper 	1 lbs	weight is after removing seeds, etc.
water			1/2 gallon
tomato paste		6 ounces
paprika			1/4 cup
corn starch		1/2 lb.
water			1/cup

* NOTE: Crab Boil is to be used only when sauce is for seafood

1) Place oil and ham hocks in pot. When oil is hot, add the celery and garlic. 
Cook until the celery is half done.
2) Add the onions and cook for a couple of minutes. Add the can of tomatoes, 
the sugar, worcestershire, pepper, salt, and crab boil (if making the seafood version) 
Remember, the crab boil is ONLY to be added if you are making this sauce for seafood.
3) Cook for 45 minutes.
4) Add bell pepper, water, tomato paste, and paprika and cook until done.( about 1 hour).
5) If, too thin, mix the corn starch and 1 cup water and add to desired thickness.

If sauce stands, the oil will rise to the top. When pouring over shrimp or baked fish, 
stir well first.

Quagmire's Restaurant, NC

Hoping you can help favorite restaurant in the Outer Banks of NC
closed down, but before they did they gave away copies of their chicken 
enchilada recipe but they didn't put the amounts down for the ingredients
so I can't recreate it...I'm hoping you can help me.
The restaurant was Quagmires and they were located in Nags Head/Kill 
Devils Hill/Outer Banks, NC 
The chicken enchilada recipe included all shredded white meat chicken in
some type of cream cheese and sour cream sauce and it was the most 
delicious thing I have ever had in my life.

Blum's Potato Salad

Blum's restaurant in Berkeley and San Francisco served a wonderful
potato salad. I had it at a part years ago, it was made by a former employee
who was sworn to secrecy. No matter how persuasive I tried to be, I
couldn't get the recipe  from her. Do you know this recipe or do you perhaps
have access to finding it?  Every summer when I make potato salad, I wish I
knew it!
Thanks for any and all help.


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