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Gumbo's North Restaurant Shrimp Eddy

On 6/6/2018 11:41 AM, Allison wrote:
Uncle Phaedrus,

I'd love to have the recipe for the Shrimp Eddy at Gumbo's North Restaurant 
in Georgetown, TX.


Hello Allison,

Well, I can't find a recipe specifically for "shrimp eddy" from Gumbo's North Restaurant, but I did find something that might work.

Gumbo's menu is at: Gumbo's Menu The "Eddy" appetizers are described thus:
served with hot herb-buttered toast in a creamy tarragon sauce

Gumbo's has several locations, and a review of the Austin location is at: Gumbo's Review
There is a photo there of the shrimp eddy and this description:
Jumbo shrimp sauteed in a creamy tarragon sauce served with toasted garlic bread. The buttery garlic bread and mouth watering sauce is what makes this dish a huge hit.

There is also a Gumbo's in Denver, Colorado, and I found a website that had a recipe for Gumbo's Crawfish Eddy at:  America's Cuisine
Try the recipe found there(below), substituting jumbo shrimp for the crawfish. The cream tarragon sauce is the key to this dish. This recipe calls for toast points, but you might want to serve your shrimp eddy with garlic toast instead.


Crawfish Eddy
Yields: 2 servings


1 oz butter
6 oz crawfish 80-100 ct. tail meat
5 oz alfredo sauce
2 t green onions, sliced
2 t parsley, fresh chopped
2 t tarragon leaves, dry or fresh
1 1/2 oz dry white wine
1 t lemon pepper
1 T blackened spice
1 t parsley, fresh chopped
3 toast points


• In a hot sauté pan, add butter.
• Add ingredients in the order listed in recipe with exception of 
  1 teaspoon of parsley.
• Stir to blend and heat on medium heat until it reaches the boiling point.
• Garnish with parsley.

Crescent Bakery Salt Rising Bread

On 6/6/2018 4:27 PM, David wrote:

Dear Uncle Phaedrus  --  Can you find the recipe for salt-rising bread 
from the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma establishment known as the Crescent 
Bakery.  In the 1940's and 1950's the Crescent Bakery, now probably 
defunct, produced a highly fragrant, intensely flavored salt-rising 
bread day in and day out.  Standard recipes for salt-rising bread pale 
by comparison. The Crescent Bakery excelled in consistently producing 
this very temperamental bread. Also, it would be hard for me to request 
the recipe for the orange-ginger baked chicken offered at Goodies To Go 
of Lexington, Massachusetts because I currently don"t have a facebook 
account.  Dave.

Hello Dave,

Sorry, I cannot find even a mention of the salt rising bread from Crescent Bakery in Oklahoma City, OK. I'll post your request for reader input.

Regarding "Goodies to Go", I have a Facebook account, but that doesn't allow me to post a request on Christine Murray Kouhaila's Facebook page. Only people who she has "friended" can post on her Facebook page. However, anyone can access her public Facebook page, whether they have a Facebook account or not, and anyone can send her a message by clicking on the "send message" icon.

I sent her a message asking about the orange chicken recipe from "Goodies to Go." Perhaps she will respond and perhaps not. I haven't had much success with making requests this way. If I hear from her, I'll let you know.


Rich's Wedding Cake

On 6/4/2018 8:12 AM, Celeate wrote:

I am looking for Rich's recipe for wedding cake (which was more like a 
pound cake) and the icing that goes with it?

Can you help?



Hello Celeate,

No success with a Rich's wedding cake recipe. The only Rich's cake recipes that I have ever been able to find are these: Knotmove


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