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Kenney Burger Sauce

On 8 Jun 2007 at 10:24, stephanie wrote:

> Hi!
> Do you have a recipe for the special cheeseburger sauce from Kenney
> Burger? I think there is only one (or 2?) resturant left in the U.S.
> located in Buena Vista, VA. (Near Lexington) Thank you so much for
> your time and effort. Sincerely, Stephanie LaPrade Martinsville  VA 

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry, there are no recipes for the sauce on the Internet, but this site says you can buy the sauce in Virginia:

Habitat Roanoke


On 11 Jun 2007 at 13:08, Stephanie wrote:

Thank you so much!!!
After reading your email, I rushed to Kroger, found the sauce and am
planning on having Kenney Burgers for dinner! My husband is gonna be so
You don't know how much I appreciate this!!

Lost Muffin Recipe

I had a recipe from a magazine which gave several options for muffins
ingredients.  The recipe gave several "fat" choices, dry ingredient choices,
several wet ingredient choices, several fruit/nut/candy choices and the
measurement to use for each ingredient.

I thought it was from Better Homes & Garden but I checked their web site and
could not locate the recipe.   I liked the recipe because I could use
pumpkin, butter, sour cream or other like ingredients and it would give me
the proportions needed.   

Can you help?


Place for Steak Sauce?

I use to go to Miami twice yearly.  On the 79th Street Causeway there 
was a famous steak house called, "The Place for Steak."  I loved there 
steak sauce.  It was at each waiter's station on a hot plate in the small 
saute pan.  The waiter would bring the steaks and then bring over the pan 
with the sauce offering the customers the sauce.  I still dream about the 
sauce over their fabulous steaks.  They also had fabulous italian dressing 
and great stuffed bake potatoes.  Can you help me find the recipes? 

See: Place for Steak Sauce

Mount St. Helens Cookies

I would like a recipe for Mount Saint Helens Cookies

No luck.

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