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Ferraro's Fried Rigoletti

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From: Nancy 
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 11:31 PM
Subject: Fried Rigoletti Recipe

Hi Phaedrus,
I've tried for years to get the recipe--hours of searching all over the internet and 
from the restaurant itself; I've asked them when they will make a recipe book?  It's 
an old family restaurant, Ferarro's Italian in Ventura, CA.  They make the best Fried 
Rigoletti with Brocolli.  Never had it anywhere else.  It's crunchy, cheezy, gooey, and 
enough to make me drive across 3 states to eat it!  Served with their amazing Marinara 
on the side, it's heaven on a plate.

Can you help?  Good Luck!



Hi Nancy,

Sorry, I had no success. Sounds like you've already covered all the bases anyhow. Keep trying, maybe someone will create a decent copycat.


Hellen sent this recipe:

From: "Hellen" 
To: "Phaedrus"
Subject: Re: copycat of fried rigoletti recipe
Date: Thursday, December 03, 2009 8:00 PM

Hey Uncle P:

Please feel free to correct grammar or any culinary usage if needed; in fact, I would 
really appreciate it. 

The restaurant uses "7-11" tomato sauce for their base for tomato or marina sauce. 
It comes as a restaurant sized can. To substitute, I found Trader Joe's basic marinara 
sauce was closest.  Just add some more oregano and cook down a bit and I think it will 
be similar to Ferraro's.  

you will need the following for the dish itself:

rigoletti cooked, drained
blanched or steamed cut  broccoli pieces (flowers and stems)
oil (the restaurant didn't use extra virgin--maybe canola or a blend of pure olive oil and canola)
1 tbs or more of minced garlic
shredded mozorella cheese to cover pasta
salt and pepper to taste
casserole dish

Preheat oven to 350F
1.  Cook the pasta according to package directions and set aside to cool.  
2.  Cut the broccoli and blanch or steam, cook halfway.
3.  In a large pan, add oil and garlic when heat is turned on.  Allow the garlic to 
infuse the oil over medium heat but do not burn the garlic.  When the pan is hot, 
add the broccoli pieces and the pasta.  Salt and pepper to taste. Saute and cook until 
the pasta and broccoli are infused with the garlic and the oil.

In a casserole dish, add the sauteed pasta and broccoli mixture.  Cover with shredded 
mozorella cheese and bake until slightly golden brown on top.

King's BBQ Sauce

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From: Hagan 
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 7:21 AM
Subject: Recipe Request - Kings Barb-a-que Sauce

Hi Uncle:

I enjoy your site very much!  There is a place in Eustis Florida - just a house with 
a window to order.  they offer chicken or ribs with their barbaque sauce.  The only 
ingredients I know are:

red pepper

It is absolutely amazing.  They take white bread and brush with this sauce and lay all 
over the chicken or ribs.  Can you help me find this recipe?  Thanks!

Hello Hagen,

Sorry, no luck locating a copycat recipe for King's Taste Barbeque sauce. The label listed ingredients are: vinegar, mustard, red pepper, black pepper, sugar, salt, margarine.


Furr's Carrot Casserole

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From: Marti 
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 10:01 PM
Subject: Furrs Cafeteria Recipe

I have been searching all your links for Furrs recipes, and you even mention Sweet 
Carrot Souffle in the Google blurb...but I CAN'T find the recipe on here!!! PLEASE 
find the Furrs Cafeteria recipe for Sweet Carrot Souffle for me! Thank you in advance.

We just went there twice last week in Colorado, fell in love with the recipe, and asked 
them what it was. They told me it was on THEIR web-site under "recipes" but I can't find 
it. HELP please!

I just e mailed you on finding a recipe for Furr's Cafeteria Sweet Carrot 
is also listed there under Sweet Carrot Casserole. Same thing, so hope you can find it! 

Hello Marti,

I'm afraid that you are misinterpreting the Google blurb:

Uncle Phaedrus, Finder of Lost Recipes
What would this lady do with a recipe that said "take fifty pounds of flour and add ..... Sweet Potato Pie Sweet Carrot Souffle Macaroni & Cheese ...... Furr's Cafeteria. A Texas institution. These are the only recipes that I have ...

All this blurb means is that all those words are to be found on one page, the "most popular" page. They aren't necessarily connected. All those dots after "cheese" means that what comes next - "Furr's Cafeteria", isn't connected to anything before the dots. The only sweet carrot souffle recipe that I have on my site is the one from Morrison's Cafeteria at:

Morrison's Sweet Carrot Souffle

That's the one the blurb is referring to. Try it.

A search of the Internet revealed no recipes for "Furr's Cafeteria Sweet Carrot Souffle" or "Furr's Cafeteria Sweet Carrot Casserole". In answer to a request on a message board, one person offered the below recipe, but did not claim that it was Furr's. There do not appear to be any recipes at all on the Furr's Cafeteria website.

Try the recipe below and the Morrison's recipe.


Sweet Carrot Casserole

2 cups carrots (about 14 or 15) salted, cooked and mashed. 
1 stick butter 
2 eggs well beaten 
3 TBSP. flour 
1 tsp. baking powder 
1 cup sugar 
Pinch of cinnamon 

Blend all ingredients together and pour in greased casserole dish (8x8). 

Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce to 350 degrees and bake for another 45 minutes. 

Serve immediately sprinkled with powdered sugar/cinnamon. 

School Cafeteria Blondies

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From: Sharon 
Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 11:52 AM
Subject: los Angeles public school, circa 1970-1976 blondie recipe

Dear Phaedrus,

I have tired other web search engines, I am hoping that your talents are what is needed. 
I am searching for a treat called a Blondie, that was usually served at Paul Revere junior 
High and quite possible Palisades High school, both in LA public school system.  Brownies 
were usually served on the same day. 

Thanks in advance for any time you can spare.

Hi Sharon,

Recipes for blondies are fairly common, but I cannot find any from the schools or school system that you mention. Sorry.


Pannido Sauce

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From: Andrea 
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2009 11:59 AM
Subject: Jack-In-The-Box

I would love to have the recipe for Jack-In-The-Box's Creamy Italian-Dijon Pannido Sauce. 
If you could find this, I would be most appreciative.


Hello Andrea,

Sorry, it doesn't appear that anyone has been able to make a copycat recipe for this.



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