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Stingray Scallops

On 28 Apr 2006 at 17:35, Anthony wrote:

> dear  sir
> I  have tryed to find a recipes for sting ray scallopes if you
> could pleas help i thank you very much                        
> sincerly ,
> Anthony

Hello Anthony,

This recipe may seem simplistic, but it's basically all there is to it:

"Get a piece of 1.5 inch steel pipe about 8 inches long. File away the OUTSIDE edge on one end until its uniformly sharp. Use as a punch to punch circles out of the wings. Trim off skin.
Broil with a dollop of butter on top and about 1/4 inch of 50/50 lemon juice/water in the bottom of the pan. Eat."

You don't have to broil them, of course, and you don't have to use a steel pipe like this. Once you have them punched out by this or any other method, you just cook them in any scallops recipe that you like.

There are 29 stingray recipes here:

Stingray Recipes


Bang Bang Shrimp

Hi, Phaed.  Found this on the Southern Living message boards.  Might be 
just what everyone's looking for....

"Make the sauce : mix some Mayonnaise, Thai Sweet chili Sauce and Tuong 
ot Sriracha to taste. Peel 1 pound of shrimp, coat with cornstarch. Fry 
in a deepfat fryer until crispy. Drain on paper towels. Put the shrimp 
in a bowl and add the sauce, stir and enjoy!!!!! I made this tonight 
and they tasted like the real thing!!!! I ate the whole pound by myself!!!!!
You can buy the sauces at Walmart in the Asian Section."

Wendy, NJ

Also, if you ever come across a recipe for the Lobster Enchiladas that 
Chi Chi's served before they went out of business, I would love to see 
it.  I've searched everywhere I can think of.  Their Seafood Enchiladas 
just aren't the same recipe.

Schmier Kase

On 3 May 2006 at 20:41, w.b. wrote:

> True recipe for Amish Shmear Case.
> Thank You

Hello W.B.?

Please give your first name when making a request. (Or do you go by W. B.?)

There are numerous variants in the spelling of this German cottage cheese. The one I found most often is "smear kase", but that's not good German, just phonetic.

It's eaten straight or used in pies and cheesecakes and other dishes.

See below.


Schmier  Kase  (Cottage  Cheese)

 Ingredients :
 5 c. thick sour milk
 1 c. cream, scant
 Pepper and salt
 1 tsp. cream

 Preparation :
    Heat the milk to moderate temperature.  Do not allow curds to
 scald or they will toughen; this is a soft cheese.  When curds and
 whey have separated, pour off the whey and place the curds in a
 cheese bag to drip over a pan in a warm place.  Hand until the curds
 are drained, but not dry.  Mix in a large bowl with cream, pepper,
 and salt.  Just before serving float a little cream on top, sprinkle
 with paprika and chopped parsley or chives.


Hi there,

I was browsing around and noticed someone requested the recipe for 
east side marios cheese cappelletti - I have the recipe for that.

Cheese cappelletti
2/3 Olivieri alfredo sauce
1/3 Olivieri marinara sauce
handful of mozzarella and cheddar

Cook cappelletti (tortellini is a good substitute).  Using the ratio 
of 2/3 alfredo to 1/3 marinara sauce, mix sauce together and heat in 
sauce pan (make enough to cover the amount of cappelletti you're 
preparing).  Pour over cooked and drained cappelletti, put a handful 
of cheese on top and bake under broiler until cheese is melted.

If Olivieri sauces aren't available experiment with other storebought 
or homemade sauces.

Just thought you might like to know,

Burkina Faso Recipes

Burkina Faso is a small African nation that used to be known as "Upper Volta".

Spiced Lamb Balls
(Burkina Faso)
Yield: 32 balls
West Africans are fond of meats, beans, and vegetables rolled into 
balls. Besides these Lamb Balls there are meat and bean balls, bean 
balls, Akara page 188, and meat balls page 173. The addition of spicy
condiments makes them unusual and different from our own meat balls.

In a large skillet:

Saute: 1 cup yellow onions, chopped coarsely with

1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. powdered ginger
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. crushed red peppers
l tsp. coriander (powdered)
1 tsp. salt in
4 tbs. peanut oil until onions are soft but not brown.
Cut 2 Ibs. cooked lamb (leftovers are fine) in 1-inch pieces and mix 
with the onion mixture.

Put through the meat grinder once using a coarse blade.

Blend: 3 large eggs beaten lightly and

1/4 cup cracker OR bread crumbs into mixture.
Form into small 1-inch balls and dip in bread or cracker crumbs.

Chill for 1 hour.

Deep-Fat Fry at 375' until brown, about 4 minutes.

Spear balls with toothpicks and place in a chafing dish.

Serve with Pilli-pilli sauce.
Maan Nezim Nzedo
Fish stew with vegetables

1/4 pint vegetable oil
3/4 pint tomato sauce
1 onion, thinly sliced
1/4 level teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 level teaspoons salt
1 & 1/2 lb. fresh-water fish (bream or roach preferred)
1 packet frozen okra or 1/2 lb. tinned okra, pods cut in halves
3 carrots, cut in 1/4-inch slices
1 small head cabbage, quartered and sliced
1 packet frozen French beans
8 oz. rice

Combine oil, tomato sauce, onion, pepper and salt in a 12-inch 
sauté pan, and bring to the boil. Add to this mixture the fish 
cut into 6 serving pieces, okra, carrots, cabbage and beans. 
Cover; bring mixture to the boil and cook over low heat for 
5 minutes. Add rice and continue cooking for 25 minutes; add 
extra water during cooking if necessary. Serves 6.
Beancakes Recipe

Savoury beancakes are a traditional recipe among the Bissa, and 
are nicknamed Boussan touba – ‘Bissa’s ear’ – by the Mossi. This 
is a market recipe which includes other vegetables to create a 
lighter textured rissole. This recipe will make about six beancakes.

400 gram tin of black-eyed beans
half a small onion
two small carrots
one egg
salt and pepper to taste
wheat flour for coating the beancakes
ground-nut(peanut) or vegetable oil for frying

Drain the black-eyed beans. Chop the onion and carrots and mix in 
a blender with the black-eyed beans and egg. Add salt and pepper 
to taste. Take the mixture out of the blender and shape into balls. 
Then press into flat round shapes (about 2cm deep). Shallow fry in 
groundnut (peanut) oil (or vegetable oil) for about eight to ten 
minutes, turning occasionally.
'Banfora' Welsh cakes

500g self-raising flour
250g margarine
200g sugar
100g dried and diced pineapple
2 eggs
little milk
pinch of salt

Sieve flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Cut up margarine and rub in 
with fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add 
sugar and fruit and stir in beaten eggs, mix to a stiff dough, add 
a drop of milk if necessary. Place on a floured surface, knead lightly 
and using an empty glass bottle roll out thinly to 5mm thickness. Cut 
into 6cm rounds. Use margarine to lightly grease a griddle and cook 
over a slow heat until golden brown on both sides. Cool on a wire rack. 
Serve fresh.
Munyu Café couscous

Serves 15

2kg couscous (buckwheat)
2kg meat (chicken/goat)
1kg peanut butter
2 large chopped onions
5 crushed tomatoes
2 tbs tomato puree
1 ladle of oil
1 cabbage
4 small aubergines

Put a large casserole or 'marmite' with 5 litres of water on the 
fire and boil. Place couscous in a fine metal sieve and rinse 
several times. Place couscous over the boiling water and steam 
until cooked.

Meanwhile heat oil in another large casserole and brown the meat. 
Add chopped onions, the crushed tomatoes and the tomato puree. 
Add a little water and the peanut butter and stir. Add more water 
and the cabbage and aubergines with a little salt and cook for 
one hour.


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