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Epcot Canada Maple Crème Brulee

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From: Robin
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2014 6:37 AM
To: Phaedrus
Subject: Re: 

I really appreciate your help in trying to find these recipes.
I also checked to see if you had Epcot Center Canada crème brulee...  

Thanks again. 

Hello Robin,

There is a maple crème brulee recipe from Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot Center Canada here: Disney Food Blog

Robin, If I may give you a pointer - when you request a recipe, please be more specific. For example, in this case you should ask for the "maple crème brulee from Epcot Canada's Le Cellier Restaurant." More detail helps me to know when I have found the correct recipe.


Potate Sopra A Patate

From: Conni 
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2014 3:37 PM
Subject: Recipe - "Patate Sopra a Patate"


I am looking for an old recipe brought here by my Italian grandmother from the Calabria region in Italy. 
The translation of the name means Potatoes Over Potatoes.
She would line the bottom of the Dutch oven with a pretty good layer of Italian bread. Then a thin layer 
of potatoes, a thin layer of pounded veal, a layer of mozzarella, over and over until the pan was full. 
Then she poured chicken broth over it and cooked slowly for several hours. I have no idea what seasonings 
she used or if there were additional ingredients. 

I would love to surprise my family with this. Previous attempts have not been even close to hers.

Many thanks,
PS: Just found the recipe for Sticky Bush Blackberry Pudding. So excited...haven't had this since my 
great grandmother made it...I'm 64, so you do the math. What a wonderful site!

Hi Conni,

I could not find anything at all like this on the Internet, although I searched using both “patate” and “patata”, by ingredients in English, and by “Calabrian recipes”. I have multiple Italian food dictionaries, food encyclopedias, and cookbooks, but there was nothing like that in any of them. This may have been a family dish, and as such, may not appear anywhere outside of your grandmother’s family. If that’s the case, then family members, however distant, may be your only source for the recipe.

One thing you might try is to post your request on a Calabrian-specific message board such as this one: The Cooking and Cuisines of Basilicata and Calabria

I will post this on my site in case a reader can help.


Chicken a la Morrison

-----Original Message----- 
From: Robin
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2014 4:27 AM

My name is Robin and I used to work at Morrison's Cafeteria. I am now
living in New Jersey and miss some food from the south. I am looking for
chicken ala Morrison's and their cucumber and onion salad. I hope you
can help. And by the way when I worked there most everything came from
their warehouse where my ex-husband worked. Everything came to the
restaurant prepackaged. Except the shrimp. When I first started there I
was locked into a small room with a large glass window. My job.. peel
shrimp all day long. All the food was kept locked up. You had to go to a
door. Sign in and tell the guy what you wanted. I was then put as the
baker. Everything came prepackaged. Add water and mix. So I can't give
you any recipes. I am sorry. Thanks in advance for any and all help in
this matter. 


Hi Robin,

I have a special page set up for Morrison's, with links to the recipes that I have already posted. See: Morrison's

I asked a friend who was a Morrison's manager to check his updated version of the Morrison's manual. The recipes in his book appear to be closer to your description than the ones in my older manual. See below.

The mayo-based dressing for the cucumber mix is in "James' note" at the bottom.

Note that these are the actual cafeteria recipes and therefore they make a lot of servings. You'll have to cut them down to size for home use.


Broiled Chicken ala Morrison

Yield: 40 portions
One Day In Advance:
10 chickens (2  7/8 lbs approx.)
Cut chicken into quarters. Slit under side of wing at the joint and cut wing 
tip off. Season evenly with chicken seasoning.  Cover and refrigerate.

Ala  Morrison Gravy:
Yield 1 1/2 gallon
1 lb oleo
1/2 lb paprika flour
1 1/2 gallon chicken stock
Zest of one orange
4 ozs sherry (Do not use cooking sherry)
4 cloves garlic
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp pepper

Melt oleo in stock pot - add paprika flour and blend until smooth paste is 
formed. Do not brown. Add chicken stock and whip constantly until smooth. 
Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 10 minutes. Set aside. Note: If 
chicken base is used, add 5 1/2 ounces to 1 1/2 gallons water and do not add 

Place 2 pounds paprika four in pan. Coat chicken with paprika four and shake 
off excess. Place chicken meat side up in two roasting pans. Do not crowd. 
Sprinkle evenly with 1/4 pound oil per pan. Place chicken in preheated 375 
degree oven and cook for 30-45 minutes until golden. Add 1/2 gallon gravy 
to chicken in roasting pan and baste until chicken is done. Garnish with 
parsley and small orange slices.
Note: Paprika four is 10 pounds flour mixed with one pound paprika.
Morrison's Cucumber Mix

Yield: 96 - 4 oz portions
16 lbs cucumbers
3 lbs tomatoes
1 1/2 lbs bell peppers
3 1/2 lbs onions
1 lb chef oil
Garnish for top
1/2 lb bell peppers cut into 1/4 inch strips
1 lb tomatoes cut into wedges
1/2 lb onions sliced and separated into rings

Peel cucumbers - do not strip - Score with fork and slice by hand into ¼ 
inch slices. Cut tomatoes into wedges - 8 wedges per tomato. Cut peppers 
into 1/4 inch strips. Slice onions and separate into rings. Mix all together 
with chef oil. Place individual servings into veggie dish and garnish. Oil 
should be added just before serving.

Exchanges: May use fat free or creamy Italian dressing instead of oil.
James' Note: A popular variation was one pound mayonnaise mixed with one cup 
water and whipped until smooth. This was used as the combination salad 
dressing and in several other salads. 

WOW you're a gem. Thank you so very much. Keep up the great work. You are 
the best. Your friend always. Robin

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