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Irish Music Mystery

On 3/10/2018 11:46 PM, Kristin wrote:
Hi Uncle Phead,

It's been a lot of years since you helped me with solving some music mysteries and when your name popped 
into my head tonight I thought of another music mystery that I haven't been able to solve. I'm hoping 
that you might have more luck than I have.

In 1987 we traveled from Canada to Wexford in Ireland.  We drove up in the general direction of Kilkenny, 
and somewhere along the way we asked some of the local people to suggest an Irish band to help us really 
feel in the spirit of the trip. We bought the tape set that was suggested, listened to it over and over 
again, and then brought the set back to Canada, until the tapes were eventually all lost. I'd love to 
figure out the name of the group and be able to get another set of their music, and I hope you might be 
able to help me with that.

 What I know is that it isn't the Irish Rovers. We wanted more traditional songs, not rock songs.  
 It was a set of three white tapes, with blue labels,  with mainly male vocals but a few of the songs 
 had female vocals as the lead.

 The songs that I can remember being on the set were
 - God save Ireland
 -Old maid in a garret
 -black velvet band
 - good bye Mrs Durkin
 -Rising of the moon
 - Finegin's wake
 - A nation once again
 - Wild colonial boy
 - Never wed an old man

 This list is all that I can remember being in the set, although with 3 tapes in the set there were 
 definitely more songs that I can't remember.

 Any help you can provide, or other leads you can suggest, would be very appreciated.

 Thank you,

 Hi Kristin,

This one may be quite difficult. I could not find one set of tapes or records or CDs with all of those songs included.  However, many of those songs appear on some anthologies of Irish folk music. In searching, something that I had to consider was that you might be mis-remembering some of the exact song titles and also that the tapes may have been an anthology, not by just one band, but by several bands or singers. Another thing to consider is that, since you bought the set in Ireland, that particular set may have never been released in Canada or the USA and therefore might not be listed on the Internet. Searching by the list of songs, I found two bands that covered most of these songs. That might give you a starting point. They are "The Dubliners" and "The Dublin City Ramblers."

For listings of the songs that these two bands have covered, see:

Dublin City Ramblers

The Dubliners

I'll post this for reader input.


Keebler Crust Peanut Butter Pie

On 3/4/2018 12:15 PM, Yolanda wrote:

Hello, a few years back the Keebler site had a recipe for peanut butter pie for the extra serving graham 
cracker crust. I know the recipe included vanilla ice cream and honey. I have lost the recipe and can’t 
find it online anymore.  Can you help me?


Hi Yolanda,

Sorry, I cannot find any mention of a recipe that fits your description.

I'll post this. Maybe one of my readers can help.


Subject: Keebler Peanut Butter Pie
From: Tim
Date: 4/30/2018 12:49 AM
To: "Mr. Phaed" 

Hey Phaed:

(Transcribed from a graphic of a Keebler ad. - Phaed)
Keebler 15-Minute P.B. & Fudge Ice Cream Pie

1 	6 oz 	Keebler Ready-Crust Graham Cracker Pie Crust
1/2 cup 	creamy peanut butter
1/4 cup		honey
1 quart		vanilla ice cream, softened
1/2 cup		cashews, chopped
6 oz		chocolate fudge topping

Mix peanut butter and honey. stir mixture into softened ice cream.
Spoon half of ice cream mixture into Keebler Ready-Crust. Sprinkle
with half of chopped cashews. Drizzle 4 oz. fudge sauce over

Spoon remaining ice cream mixture in pie shell. Sprinkle with
remaining cashews. Drizzle 2 oz fudge sauce over cashews.

Freeze overnight before serving. Garnish with "Cool Whip" and
additional fudge sauce if desired. Serves 8.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

They could make the fudge optional

Timm in Oregon

Ebinger's Corn Muffins

On 3/8/2018 12:55 AM, anita wrote:

Hello, I would like to find the receipe for ebingers corn muffins. 
Thank you  so much,  


Hello Anita,

Sorry, that recipe does not appear to be available. I can't find any mention at all of Ebinger's corn muffins.

I'll post this for reader input.


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