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Horn & Hardart Lemon Glace

Subject: Want recipe for horn & hardart lemon glacé’
From: Greg
Date: 10/12/2022, 8:13 AM

On 10/12/2022 2:39 AM, Greg wrote:

It was an upside down cupcake with a very special icing confection 
covering all the cake except the bottom. They were fabulous! If I 
knew how to make them, I would sell them under my own name and 
probably become a millionaire overnight. Then again, I’d probably 
eat all the profits!

Hello Greg,

I wish that I had this recipe, but I don't and I had no success in finding anything about it. Sorry.

There are a number of lemon glazed cupcakes recipes on the web, but I have no idea which, if any of them, might be similar to Horn & Hardart's.

I'll post this for reader input.


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