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Raven's Blog - Lots of easy recipes.

The Hungry Wife
This is a great cooking & recipe blog!

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What's Cooking America: Newspaper Food Sections and Columns Online

Lost Recipes From Old Titles

Cruise Critic - Cruise Ship Recipes

Dozens of Beef Jerky Recipes!
Carrie Harbert has created an excellent resource by putting two 1915 candy-making cookbooks online!

Recipes by Mom — Food to Nourish Your Soul is your one-stop source for free, quick and easy recipes that have been family tested and approved. Each recipe has been submitted by a mom, and has been tested and approved by the greatest of food critics — their families.

Cooking for a Crowd
Recipes, hints, and tips for feeding groups of people, be it picnics, BBQs, weddings, reunions, parties, or whatever. Excellent!

USDA School Cafeteria Recipes

Healthy Cuisine for Kids Culinary Manual
Recipes for School Cafeterias

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Thousands of recipes!

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Mississippi Gulf Coast recipes!

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The Spruce
Try The Spruce Southern Cooking!

The Spruce - Cooking and Food


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Italian Made

Italian Groceries at Gourmet Express

Italian Recipes at Nonnabox

The Art of Cookery: Traditional Florentine, Tuscan, and Italian Recipes and Wines

Italian Food at The Spruce

Italian Food Forever


Lots of stuff here about food, cooking, recipes, copycat recipes, restaurants, food nostalgia, and particularly about restaurants that are no longer in operation and the dishes that they served.





"Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats" by Sally Fallon
Are we getting the full story on nutrition? I think not.....

"Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food" by Catherine Shanahan MD

"Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A. Price
Price and his wife spent years traveling the world and collecting data on diet and disease. What he found will surprise you.

Golden West Publishers
Wide variety of cookbooks!

"The Guide to Southern Cooking" by Diana Rattray
The best!

"American Century Cookbook" by Jean Anderson
Lots of recipes, with history!

"The Art of Eating" by M. F. K. Fisher
Perhaps the best food writer ever.

Barron's "Food Lover's Companion" by Sharon Tyler Herbst
An encyclopedia of food. My favorite general reference.

"The Food Lover's Tiptionary" by Sharon Tyler Herbst
Tips, secrets, shortcuts. It's great!

"The Dictionary of American Food & Drink" by John F. Mariani
Gives the origins of many American dishes & recipes!

"The Dictionary of Italian Food & Drink" by John F. Mariani
Indispensable for sorting through Italian dishes and ingredients!

"The Italian Cookbook" by Maria Luisa Taglienti

"The Food Chronology" by James Trager
"A food lover's compendium of events and anecdotes from prehistory to the present."

"The Food Substitutions Bible" by David Joachim.
Great when you go to make something and find you're missing an ingredient.

"The Galactic Gastronomer's Pocket Guide to Earth Food" by various contributors
Not available yet on Earth.

"The Penguin Companion to Food" by Alan Davidson
An encyclopedia of food & cooking.

"Preserving Our Italian Heritage" by the Florida Sons of Italy in America
If you have only one Italian cookbook, this should be it.

"Towns, Trails & Special Times: The Marlboro Country Cookbook"

"Morning Fires, Evening Lights: The Marlboro Country Cookbook"

"300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles" by Linda Franklin Campbell
Kitchen antiques, recipes, and cooking lore. Available from Krause Publications.

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