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Jim & Tony's Hot Dog Sauce

From: BILL 
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2012 12:56 PM
Subject: Hot Dog Sauce

Dear Sir-

Trying to find one from Kingston NY-A drive-in named Jim And Tonys was there and had a hot dog sauce.
Its claimed that Tony went to his grave with it(the _ _ _ _ _ _ _!).Hamburger based-garlic-onion-oregano+ his secrets.
I have some such as Dallas Hot Weiners but it is Greek (good) but not the same.
Thanks so much.

Englewood Fl

Hello Bill,

I tried, but there is just nothing on the web at all about Jim and Tony’s except a couple of bowling team scores from 1962 in “The Kingston Daily Freeman”.


The Kingston Daily Freeman, Kingston, N. Y., Tuesday Evening, January 9,1962

I’ll post this on my site in case a reader can help.


Magic Mommy's Brownies

-----Original Message----- 
From: Beth
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 2:25 PM
Subject: Recipe for Magic Mommy Brownies

Hi Phaedrus,

Back in the late '70s (?) and through the 1980s, you could find these 
delectable, moist brownies in health food stores.  The ingredients listed 
carob - but I can't recall whether carob replaced chocolate or supplemented 

They haven't been around in years, but I'd like to find out the recipe if 
anyone has it or has tried reverse-engineering it.  Short of that, I would 
be curious to hear who made them and what happened?


Hi Beth,

I could not find anything other than just a couple of brief mentions of these. No recipes, no history, nothing. There was a "Magic Mommy Brownies, Inc." registered in New Jersey about 10 years ago, but I could find nothing more about it. There was a small company named "Magic Mommy" in New York in the 1975 - 1980 timespan that was involved in a legal case, but I could find no indication that it made brownies. I suspect that this brownie maker was a small business that had a good product and started out well, but failed for one reason or another.

I'll post this on my site. Perhaps someone knows something and will respond.


From: Rebecca
Subject: Hi, I have info on one of the recipes that's listed
Date: Thursday, June 05, 2014 1:43 AM

Hi , I came across your site looking for different recipes, I read something that someone posted looking for info on 
“Magic Mommy Brownies”. I did not know how to respond on the page, that is why I am writing you this email. Please feel 
free to share. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s in Kingston Ny, there was a small commune way back in the woods off a rd. 
called rt 28A  ..  It was a hippie commune.  My Dad knew the man that ran the commune  his name was Kenneth karp, his 
wifes name was Robin (not sure if they were legally married) Mr. Karp was also known as Magic Mommy, they baked brownies 
at the commune, that is how they all survived, the monies profited by the sale of the brownies. To my knowledge, as I was 
only 12 or 13 yrs old at the time, was that the brownies were manurfactured at the commune, then brought to ny city for sale.   
they were also sold locally around Woodstock, In the post someone wrote how they, well referred to the ingrediants, I was 
told by my dad who was a member of the commune later on, that the brownies secret ingredient was hashish.  ....  weed.    
Is this true?  I don't know,,,   I have no proof, other than what I was told.  I don't know what happened to the commune 
or Mr. Karp.  He was a very tall lanky  man with very long black hair and a deep voice.  He was your typical hippie! lol   
His wife Robin, was a medium, and claimed she could channel her spirit guides and talk to the dead.  They lived on a huge 
piece of land back in the woods about 5 miles south of Woodstock, and had many followers. The brownies were baked every day, 
with all natural ingrediants, and then some I guess  lol well I hope this helps  the person who wrote the post on your website.   
Thank You,  Rebecca R.
I bought them at the Heath Nuts in NYC.  One morning I saw the shelf was empty.  The clerk told me law enforcement 
removed the Magic Mommy Brownies from all their stores but would not say why.  It made the news!  That night on channel 7 
Eye Witness News the bust was covered and they said the makers of Magic Mommy Brownies were using hashish as an ingredient.  
I was in my 20's and clearly remember, and yes, they were the best, I ate them every day for years. Mark O. 

Ebinger's Bakery Maple Walnut Cake

From: Ann
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2012 4:28 PM
Subject: maple walnut layer cake from Ebinger's bakery

Hi my name is Ann and I am looking for a recipe from Ebinger's Bakery in Bklyn, NY.  
I am looking for a Maple Walnut Layer Cake from Ebinger's.  Can you Please help.  

Thanks, Ann.  

Hello Ann,

Sorry, I had no success with this. Very few Ebinger’s recipes are available. There are requests for the maple walnut cake recipe on several message boards. No one has had any success.


Soft Peppermint Sticks

From: Kaela 
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 12:53 PM
Subject: Peppermint Stick Candy

Dear Phaedrus,

I am looking for a recipe for Peppermint Sticks. You know, the ones that melt in your mouth and you have to
buy because no one seems to have the recipe? They are made by places like Bob's and King Leo and Mast Store in NC... 
but I would love to make some of my own! I have been searching for the recipe but I've had no luck. 
Any chance you might know a thing or two about them?



Hello Kaela,

In 2007, I searched for a recipe for making peppermint puffs like King Leo sells. I had no success. I had no better success today searching for the soft peppermint sticks that you describe. Sorry. There are several requests on message boards for a recipe to make these at home, but no one has been able to locate a recipe. This may be one of those commercial products that simply cannot be made in the home environment. It may require a special machine to mix enough air with the candy to make it soft when it sets.


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