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Morrison's Tartar Sauce

I wrote a while ago and I had worked in the Store room at Morrisons for
almost 2 years. It was our responsibility to make the Tartar Sauce.
Our recipe made a 20 gallon bucket full and we had to make this at 
least twice a week. 
Recipe (bulk)
10 heads of chopped green cabbage
12 seeded green bell peppers
6 large peeled and cored onions
4 #10 cans of dill pickle relish (slightly drained)
8 gallons of heavy duty mayonnaise
Home Version
1/2 medium head of chopped green cabbage
1 medium seeded green bell pepper
1 medium cored and peeled white onion
1 small jar of dill pickle relish (slightly drained)
1 quart of Helmans or heavy duty ( extra thick)  mayonnaise
First we would process the cabbage, bell pepper and onion in a buffalo 
chopper. (like a large food processor) until it was finely chopped. 
Then we  would fold in the mayonnaise and finely the dill pickle relish. 
We would then store this in the walk in refrigerator and use it the next 
day. It really needs to sit over night. 

The home version can be made using a food processor and pulsing the 
ingredients until they are finely chopped and then follow the standard 

Heavy duty mayonnaise is very important due to the fact the ingredients 
produce a lot of moisture and can cause regular mayonnaise to break down 
and turn  

Lum's Recipes

Phaedrus --

Hi! First I want to thank you for your link the J.L. Hudson's 
recipes which is bringing a lot of new visitors to my website,

Second, someone posted these recipes in my Discussion Group and
I thought you might like to add them. I should tell you upfront,
however, that they are untested by me.

Again, thanks!


Lum's Beer Hot Dog

One Package, John Morrell's, New York Deli Brand, Beef Franks or 
your favorite brand of all-beef hot dogs.
1 can beer
2 cans water
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon caraway seeds

Bring everything to a boil, reduce heat to a lowest heat and let 
stew 15 minutes or longer.  Serve on a quality hot dog bun. 
Lum's Ollieburger

3 T Lemon Juice
1 1/2 t Seasoned Salt
1 T Worcestershire Sauce
1 T Soy Sauce
1 T A-1 Steak Sauce
1 T Corn Oil
1/2-Cup Beef Broth
1 t Heinz 57 Sauce
1/4 t Garlic Salt
1 t Vinegar

1. Mix the above ingredients.
2. Take 1 1/2 to 2 lbs. of ground round and shape meat into round patties, 
3/4" thick and 3 1/2"round.
3. Place in a covered container and pour the marinade mixture over them. 
Cover tightly and refrigerate 12 hours or overnight. Turn the patties frequently.
4. Remove from marinade and sear over high heat to seal in the juices, then 
turn down heat and cook to your desired doneness.

Webmaster /

To buy Ollieburger spices, see:

Lum's Ollieburger Spices


On 7 Sep 2007 at 23:06, Claire wrote:

> Hi, I have a recipe for German gingerbread that calls for salts of
> hartshorn and potash. What are they and where on earth could they be
> purchased??This has taken me for a loop!!!!! I hope your can help me:)
> Thank You, ?Claire

Hello Claire,

Salts of hartshorn is also called simply "hartshorn", which is an old name for baking ammonia or baker's ammonia which is ammonium bicarbonate.

Salts of potash is also called "pearlash" and is potassium carbonate. Potassium carbonate was replaced by potassium bicarbonate or bicarbonate of potash which is called "salertus".

These are old-fashioned chemical leaveners for baking. They mostly went out of use during the 19th century, when they were replaced by baking soda and baking powder.

You can still buy hartshorn lots of places. See:

Fancy Flours

King Arthur

House on the Hill

Chem Associates

Pearlash and salertus have almost completely been replaced by baking soda, but this place still sells them:

Deborah's Pantry

You might also find bicarbonate of potash at your pharmacy.

You can substitute baking soda for them, in the ratio of 1/4 teaspoon per cup of flour. The only reason hartshorn and pearlash are still used occasionally are for authenticity and for the slight flavor or texture contribution that they make.


Mommy Fortuna Burgers?


First - many thanks for your service: it's wonderful.

The famous hippie restaurant on Haight Street in San Francisco 
- Mommy Fortuna's - had wonderful food.  Evidently, all of the recipes 
have disappeared. 

The best dish I ever had there was the "Mommy Fortuna Burger" which 
was a patty topped by spinach, a white cheese (Muenster?), and a 
sweetened vinaigrette.  That's as much as I can remember.

Have you ever come across this or any of the other Mommy Fortuna recipes?

Although I've enjoyed eating at many of the Bay Area restaurants 
(Greens, Chez Panisse, Ciao, etc.) two of the best comfort food spots 
were always Mommy Fortuna's and Hamburger Mary's.  

Again, many, many thanks. 


Addendum: "Mommy Fortuna's" was not in the Haight during the hippie heydey of the Sixties. It opened in 1973 at 1648(?) Haight Street, on the corner of Haight and Belvedere, and was popular in the seventies and eighties. Mommy Fortuna's appears to have closed in the late eighties. It was known for breakfast omelets and for char-broiled hamburgers:
According to a 1974 item in the "San Francisco Bay Guardian":
"Everything is homemade, bread, pastries, hamburgers with mushrooms, bacon and a special wine and beer sauce. There’s fresh-squeezed orange juice and real ice tea with no preservatives."

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