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Percolator Light

Re: percolator light
From: Kristin
Date: 4/21/2022, 9:20 AM

On 4/20/2022 10:54 PM, Kristin wrote:

I made one of the recipes on the site for Tomasso piazza "spaghatte" :) 
it was out of this world!!   I do have a question though. How in the 
world does the Corningware (vintage) electric percolator little red dot 
light up when the coffee is done? It's a button that is not lighted while 
it's perking, but when it's done the little button lights up red. I could 
never figure out how that worked. Do you? Ive even asked on a vintage 
Corning Ware percolator collectors blog, I got no answer. If you can help 
it would be great because it's bothered me for years. Thank you.


Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Hello Kristin,

I'm glad you found a recipe on the site that pleases you:Piazza Tomasso Sauce for Spaghatte

It's based on the temperature of the water in the percolator. The water in the percolator is not all the same temperature. The water at the bottom of the percolator is the hottest because it is nearest the heating element. When the water at the bottom begins boiling, it bubbles. This bubbling makes it rise up the tube to the basket where the grounds are located. As the water in the percolator circulates and the hottest water mixes with the not-as-hot water, the temperature of the water at the top increases until it is also at or near boiling temperature. There is a temperature sensor, basically a thermometer, at the coolest point inside the percolator at the top, and when it reaches a certain temperature, (close to boiling), then it closes a switch that makes the red light come on.


On 4/21/2022 4:14 PM, Kristin wrote:

thanks! But I knew I didn't ask the question about the percolator 
correctly, because I know it has to do with the temperature, the 
thing is I don't know how a bulb can fit in there. Is it a bulb? 
is it a metal that changes with temperatures? it's way too small 
to have a light bulb in there, if not mistaken.  Ive used Paint 
to point out where the button is- badly. My real question is what 
IS that button? I get that it turns on by a certain temperature(s) 
that never confounded me. Nobody has answered this question and 
Ive asked a lot of people! :) thank you- PS the spaghetti is 
tonight's dinner- the Tomasso piazza. Beautiful sauce!


Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Hi Kristin,

It's not too small to have a bulb in there. Have you ever seen a circuit board inside a computer? LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs can come in very tiny sizes.

Look at the photos on these sites. There are tiny, tiny LED lights.


Evan Designs

That is what it is - an LED.


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