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Jilly's - The Place for Ribs

Re: Jilly's - The Place for Ribs
From: Debbie
Date: 3/11/2022, 8:36 AM

On 3/10/2022 9:24 PM, Debbie wrote:

(Debbie,) there was a restaurant in Smyrna, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta named Jilly's. 
My husband and I went often for the best ribs we'd ever eaten. 
I hope you can  dig this one up. Thanks

Hi Debbie,

Well, the only verified address that I can find for "Jilly's - The Place for Ribs" is given as Atlanta, not Smyrna. It's an ad from The Atlanta Constitution of May, 1981. They were looking for a general manager for the restaurant:

The Atlanta Constitution May, 1981:
Jilly's, The Place for Ribs
2647 Cobb Parkway,
Atlanta, GA

I did find a brief mention on a Facebook page for Sandy Springs, Georgia of a Jilly's that may have been in that town, and another one in Columbus, GA was mentioned as well, so Jilly's must have had several locations. See: Remembering Sandy Springs

There was another place called "The Georgia Rib Company" in Marietta that used the phrase "The Place for Ribs" on their sign and in their advertising:

The Georgia Rib Company
4930 Davidson Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30068

I could not find any mention at all of a place with that name in Smyrna, nor could I find any ribs recipe or sauce or rub recipe from any of these places.

There were two posts on that Sandy Springs Facebook page from former Jilly's employees, one of them a manager. Your best bet might be to go to that Facebook page at the link above and click on their names. That will take you to those individuals' own Facebook pages. Then you can post to them directly and ask about the recipe.

I'll post this for reader input.


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