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1960s Shrimp Recipe

Re: old 1960s shrimp recipe
From: Renald
Date: 3/9/2022, 8:17 AM

On 3/8/2022 4:54 PM, Renald wrote:

I am trying to find an old 1960s recipe (since lost) that was printed 
on the back of a 1lb. frozen shrimp (undevined medium size) package 
possibly from a company called Sea Pak Division of W R Grace & Co out 
of St Simons Island, Georgia.  It could also be spelled C Pack Corp. 
I usually bought the shrimp at a Market Basket store in Culver City, CA.  
Some of the ingredients, in addition to the undevined frozen shrimp, 
were tomato soup, milk, horseradish, hot pepper and lemon juice. 
The dish was served over white rice.

My research of some years ago determined that Sea Pak may have been 
sold and I couldn't get to anyone that new the recipe. I also contacted 
Market Basket without any success.

I  did look at the shrimp recipes on but couldn't 
find anything that resembled my lost recipe.

Sounds like you might be able to locate this recipe or direct me to 
someplace that I might inquire about this recipe. Somewhere someone 
should still have this recipe and I would love to find this person 
(or recipe).

Thank you for any assistance that you may be able to provide me on this 


Hello Renald,

SeaPak is still in business. I have their "popcorn shrimp" two or thee times a month. There is a box of SeaPak shrimp in my freezer as we speak. SeaPak has a website with recipes using their shrimp. See this website: SeaPak

If the recipe that you want is not there, email me back.

It would be most helpful if you can provide more information about the recipe. Can you not recall the name of the recipe? Which kind of SeaPak shrimp was used to make the dish - "Beer-Battered Shrimp", "Jumbo Breaded Shrimp", "Popcorn Shrimp" or "Shrimp Scampi"?


Hello Renald,

Well, I have spent a lot of time searching, but I cannot find a recipe that fits your description. After so long a time, I didn't expect to find a recipe that mentioned SeaPak, but even searching by ingredients I was unable to find any shrimp recipe at all that fit your description.

I will post this for reader input. Perhaps one of my readers will recognize the dish.


Thank you for your help on trying to locate this old recipe.  I called 
Rich Products Corp today. This company acquired Sea Pak some years ago.  
The lady in customer service contacted another person who had worked for 
Sea Pak. This person stated that Sea Pak would not have kept recipes on 
any file.  Dead end.

The shrimp was cooked in a sauce (pinkish reddish color) made from the 
ingredients which I listed in my original email (as many as I remember). 
It was fairly easy to make and was delicious.

Perhaps one of your readers will come up with the recipe.

I am very grateful of your efforts in trying to help me re-acquire this 

Subject: Regarding 4/4 Post about Shrimp Recipe
From: Kasey
Date: 4/4/2022, 4:41 PM

On 4/4/2022 3:11 PM, Kasey wrote:

Good day.

I am a longtime follower and finally have something to contribute!  
Regarding Renald’s question about a dish with tomato Soup and frozen shrimp.  
n the late 1960’s a dish called Shrimp Harpin was very popular on the dinner 
party circuit.  Shrimp Harpin appears in a number of Junior League and 
church/civic cookbooks. Here is one link to a recipe for Shrimp Harpin online -

The original sources all seem to call for fresh shrimp to be precooked then 
added,  and most are baked with rice rather than served over. However, I 
believe it has most of the ingredients the writer was looking for.  Perhaps 
the recipe writer for the seafood company adapted the recipe to use their 
frozen product.

Hope this helps!


Hi Kasey,

Thanks for writing!

You are right. The "Shrimp Harpin" recipe is very similar to Renald's description except for a few exceptions. I looked for a "Shrimp Harpin" recipe with horseradish, but had no success.

I forwarded your suggestion and link to Renald.

Thanks, again.


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