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Lillie's Q Potato Salad

From: Arlene 
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2017 4:12 PM
Subject: Looking for Potato Salad recipe from Lillie's Q in Miramar Beach, FL

Looking for Recipe from Lillie's Q in Miramar Beach, FL

I am looking for the recipe for the Potato Salad at Lillie's Q in Miramar Beach, FL (not be confused 
with other restaurants with the same name in other locations).  I believe they may use their "Ivory" sauce 
(similar to Alabama Barbeque Sauce) in the potato salad.  It is yummy and I've tried without success to 
replicate it.  Please help!

Thank you,

Hello Arlene,

If the “Lillie’s Q” in Miramar Beach FL at 9848 Highway 98W (Pig’s Alley) is the one you mean, then I must disagree with you when you say it’s not the same as those other “Lillie’s Q” restaurants. Absolutely the only “Lillie’s Q” In Miramar Beach that I can find any mention of is the one at 9848 Highway 98W , and that one is part of a chain with two restaurants in Chicago and one in Brea, California. The location for the one in Miramar Beach is sometimes given as Destin (but with the same street address), so it might be a little confusing.

This chain has the ivory sauce. See: Lillie's Q Sauces
They have a website at: Lillie's Q
They give their locations here: Lillie's Q Locations
There is a copy of their menu here: Lillie's Q Menu
They give their recipe for their potato salad – “Quito’s Famous Potato Salad” – here: Quito’s Famous Potato Salad
They also have a recipe for rosemary potato salad here: Rosemary Potato Salad
Lillie’s Q also has a Facebook page at : Lillie's Q Facebook Page

Look at the photos on those pages. Isn’t that the place you mean? I can’t imagine there being two restaurants with the name “Lillie’s Q” in Miramar Beach. I’ll post this for reader input.


Garden Patch Pie

From: pamela 
Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2017 3:32 PM
Subject: Garden Patch Pie

I believe that is the name, but it is NOT any I've found by Googling.  I think it was in a paperback 
Better Homes and Gardens cookbook or one of the small Pillsbury booklets.  The bottom layer was probably 
spaghetti, the center I think had spinach and the top layer was made after the first two were baked and 
consisted of tomato sauce mixed with beaten egg whites.   I imagine it was from the 70's.  
Thank you for your help.

Hi Pam,

I had no success finding this. The “garden patch pie” recipes that I found do not match your description at all. Remove searching by recipe name, and there’s not much usable data in your description. I searched an online copy of the 1966 BHG Cookbook, but there is nothing like that in it. I will post this for reader input. Maybe someone will recognize it.

There are similar recipes, usually called something like “Spaghetti Pie.” While we’re waiting for reader input, you might use Google and search for - spaghetti spinach pie recipe – You might find something that's close and that you like.


Doe's Eat Place Steaks

From: Mike 
Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2017 12:30 PM
Subject: Doe's steak marinade recipe

Please send me the recipe for Doe's steak marinade.  Thank you!

Hello Mike,

I had no success searching for Doe’s Eat Place Steak Marinade. In the hope of finding a clue about it, I read a couple of dozen articles about Doe’s. There is no mention of a marinade being used on Doe’s steaks in any article or review that I could find. The only description that I found of their cooking method says they cut the steak, rub it with their steak rub, and broil it. Not a word about a marinade.

The best one I found says “Prior to being placed under the grill all steaks are covered in a steak rub, and whilst cooking continuously ladled with the rendered fat.“
A Youtube video showing a Doe’s steak being cooked demonstrates this process: Doe's Steaks

If I may speculate, I’d say there is no marinade. The liquid that is ladled over the cooked steak before serving appears to be a sort of au jus made of rendered steak fat. It also might contain some butter and some of the steak rub spices.

I can’t find an actual recipe for the steak rub, but I did find a partial recipe for it previously. See here: 5-26-2014

I’ll post this for reader input.


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