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Antique RCA Radio & Record Player

Subject: RCA Radio
From: Christine
Date: 1/22/2022, 4:46 PM

On 1/22/2022 3:08 PM, Christine wrote:

 Hi Uncle Phaedrus,
 I don't know how much you know about antique  radios, but here goes. Around 1937 
my father bought an RCA radio at World Radio in Boston. This radio was on display 
at the RCA building in NYC.  It sold for the unbelievable price of $600. Mahogany 
with a record player on top with 2 doors at the bottom.  One for holding records, 
and one for holding a microphone which was used to make actual records. My father, 
not a rich man, bought the thing, and paid for it on time.  My brother said it was 
the most beautiful radio, and has been searching for it online, to no avail. 
For years he has been searching in antique shops. We both can't find any information 
about it.  It's not the U107.  Can you find out anything about it?  
Thank you,
Christine from Boston

Hi Christine,

I spent some time today looking around the web and trying to think of a way to research this. I went to Google and typed in "antique RCA radios" and then clicked on "images". That brought up a page of photos of antique RCA radios, which I looked through.  I didn't see one that fit your description. I then did the same thing using "antique RCA record players." Same result. Has your brother tried that? I'm at a big disadvantage without having seen it myself and not having a photo.

Does your family have a photo album or a box of old photos that might contain a photo of it? Maybe in the background of a family photo?

I'll post this for reader input. Maybe one of my readers is an expert on old radios and record players.


Oh thank you for responding.  Unfortunately there are no pictures of the radio, and 
that's funny because my father was a photographer.  My brother has looked on the web, 
and I have too.  Brother said my father could have bought a Lincoln for $600 instead 
of a radio.  I'll keep looking, and thank you again!

Hi Christine,

There is a jackpot of information about antique radios here, including books and cds that you can order with photos of old radios: Antique Radio - Books.

There are also discussion groups and links to websites. See: Antique Radio - Information.


Wow, we will check these out.  Thank you.

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