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Woody's Market Fried Mushrooms

Subject: Woody's Market fried mushrooms
From: Vicki
Date: 1/16/2022, 10:17 AM

On 1/15/2022 3:52 PM, Vicki wrote:

I would love to find the recipe from Woody's Market for their breaded mushrooms! 
You've helped me before and hope you can help this time! 
Thanks! Vicki

Hi Vicki,

I had no success finding an actual recipe or a copycat recipe for the deep-fried breaded mushrooms from Woody's Market in West Carrolton, OH (near Dayton, OH).

However, searching for information about Woody's Market, I found a Facebook group page called "I remember Woody's Market" that has dozens of posts from former customers and employees of Woody's Market. See: I Remember Woody's Market

Doing a search for posts on that page containing the word "mushrooms," I found quite a lot of them, and there was some helpful information contained in them. This is the result of the search: "I remember Woody's Market": mushrooms

The gist of what I got from those posts is:

1. Woody's did not make their own breading. A former employee says they used a brand of Food Service breading mix called "Henny Penny."  "Henny Penny" is company that specializes in commercial breading mixes and breading machines. They have a website here:  Henny Penny You can buy their breading mix at Amazon: Amazon - Henny Penny. You can also buy it here: Webstaurant Store.
Note that this is a Food Service product, and it comes in 45 lb bags. I didn't find any indication that you can buy it in smaller quantities. Also, note that "Henny Penny" makes more than one kind of breading mix. I could not verify exactly which kind Woody's used. Also, "Henny Penny" might have made-to-order a slightly different mix just for Woody's.
2. Another former Woody's employee said that the closest brand of retail breading mix that she has found  to Woody's breading is "Golden Dipt All Purpose Breading Mix." You can buy that product in smaller quantities at many supermarkets or at Amazon:  Amazon - Golden Dipt Breading Mix
3. There were several recommendations of restaurants whose fried mushrooms are said to taste like Woody's:
   "Golden Corral"
   "Rob's Restaurant" in Brookville, OH
   "Cruiser's" in St Augustine, Florida
   "Logan's steak house" in Fairborn, OH  (I think they mean "Logan's Roadhouse"). I found a copycat recipe for Logan's fried mushrooms here: Logan's Roadhouse Fried Mushrooms

Remember that even if you have the same brand of breading mix that Woody's used, the results may yet not taste exactly the same because Woody's may have seasoned the mushrooms before breading. Also, you may not have exactly the same mushrooms from the same source that Woody's used.

If I were you, I'd first try the "Golden Dipt All Purpose Breading Mix" and deep-fry your available white button mushrooms.


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