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Piccadilly Potato Salad

A little over ten years ago a very helpful reader sent me several scans or photos of recipe cards for Piccadilly recipes. I have posted every one of them except the one for potato salad. The reasons that I never posted the potato salad recipe are that it has a few confusing references to notes in it, it calls for one pint of something called "cooked cream dressing", for which it refers to "recipe #6". Also, at the bottom of the recipe, it says "over". That "over" indicates that there may be more directions for making the recipe on the back of the card, but my benefactor did not send me an image of the back side of the recipe card and I no longer had their email address by the time I noticed that "over". I haven't the vaguest idea of what "cooked cream dressing" is, and I do not have Piccadilly's recipe #6. With these issues and a possible issue with the mayonnaise (Did Piccadilly make their own mayo, or what brand did they use? The type of mayo used can make a big difference in the taste of a dish.), I hesitated to post the potato salad recipe and soon forgot all about it.

I came across the recipe again yesterday and I decided to go ahead and post it. I still don't know what's on the back side of the recipe card, and I still cannot find a recipe for Piccadilly's "cooked cream dressing", so I am posting it "as-is". Someone might find it interesting, and someone might even know the recipe for Piccadilly's "cooked cream dressing". As for the mayo, I can find nothing about what kind of mayo Piccadilly uses, but I know from experience that Hellman's is the brand that's most similar to "food service" mayonnaise, so that's what I'd use if I were making this salad.


Piccadilly Potato Salad


Cooked Potatoes(cooked wt. see note 1)		5 lbs
Prepared onions(see note 2)			2 ozs
Green onion tops(see note 3)			1/4 oz
Diced red peppers(see note 3)			2 ozs
Hard boiled eggs(see note 4)			5
Sweet relish, including juice			14 ozs
Sugar						4 ozs
Yellow mustard					2 ozs
White pepper					1 1/2 tsps
Salt						1 1/2 ozs
Mayonnaise (see note ?)				1 pint
Cooked cream dressing(rec. #6)			1 pint


1. Steam potatoes with jackets on 45 minutes or until done.
2. Chop onions fine.
3. Chop green onion tops and red peppers medium fine.
4. Chop hard boiled eggs in 1/4" pieces."


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