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NCR Cafeteria Baked Beans

Re: NCR baked beans
From: Dennis
Date: 1/1/2022, 7:58 AM

On 12/31/2021 6:30 PM, Dennis wrote:

I have been trying to find the recipe for the baked beans (for years, off & on) 
that NCR Corp (originally National Cash Register) made & sold in their cafeteria 
lunch lines & at their huge Old River park band shelter cafeteria.

The baked beans were never thick but a little runny. There were no meats. There 
were diced sweet onions. The thin tomato like sauce was orangish-red. They were 
not as sweet as other baked beans. The beans were white beans like Great Northern.

I vaguely remember the Dayton Daily News printed a few NCR recipes like their 
coconut macaroons.I have not found any of the Dayton Daily News NCR recipes 
either. I have exhausted by search, please I hope you can help.

Kind Regards & Thanks in Advance

Hello Dennis,

Sorry, I had no success finding anything regarding these beans and nothing more than a brief mention of the cafeterias.

I will post this for reader input. Maybe one of my readers knows something about them.


Subject: Found this on amazon for the NCR recipe request
From: Ali
Date: 1/28/2022, 8:04 PM

On 1/28/2022 4:52 PM, Ali wrote:

Delicious Recipes and Food For Thought From the NCR Archive

I worked for NCR in Georgia until they moved my job to Serbia- and I did not want 
to commute,lol!  We had a cafeteria but it was just a local company who ran it.  
Ham and baked beans is mentioned in the index

Thanks for all your hard work!


Hi Ali,

Thanks for sending the link! I sent it to Dennis.


WOW,  thanks. I have spent weeks over the years trying to find this


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