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Monte Carlo Minestrone Soup

Re: Question...
From: Theresa
Date: 12/2/2021, 7:12 AM

On 12/1/2021 6:28 PM, Theresa wrote:


I am writing a book called "The Lost Restaurants of Portland" and 
noticed you had some recipes from some closed restaurants. Do you 
have the recipe for the Minestrone Soup that was made at The Monte 
Carlo Restaurant that used to be on SE Belmont? Do you still update 
your website or write reviews online?

Thanks again,

Warm Regards,


Hello, Theresa,

Yes, I still update my site regularly.

Sorry to say, I do not have that recipe. We have a large number of cookbooks with recipes from restaurants all over the U.S. and going back several decades, and I have listed therecipes in them (just the names of the dishes, not the actual recipes) in a huge Excel spreadsheet, so I checked that as well.Nothing from "Monte Carlo" in Portland. Finally, I did a search of the Internet, also with no success.

What I did find is that the children of the owners of the Monte Carlo also were/are restaurateurs,and they have all of the Monte Carlo's recipes. One of them had/has a restaurant called "Ernesto's Italian Restaurant" in Beaverton, OR and serves the same minestrone. Another one has "Nonna Amelias Ristorante" (sometimes spelled "Emilia's") in Aloha, OR, also serving minestrone from the same recipe. Maybe oneof these can help?

There is a page here with a lot of discussion about The Monte Carlo Restaurant that you might find interesting: Lost Oregon


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