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Re: Recipe Request list
From: Bunny
Date: 11/25/2021, 3:55 PM

On 11/24/2021 9:52 AM, Bunny wrote:

Attached is my list of: “wow, I would love to make these recipes”…… 

“Joann sweet pickles” they are produced in Georgia & only available from very
limited sources on the internet - they are like eating candied cucumbers!!!
La Villa Deli in San Jose, “cheese ravioli” (the thinnest, lightest ravioli 
dough I have ever tasted)
Tao Tao restaurant in Sunnyvale “shrimp in lobster sauce”: this is my Dad’s 
absolute fave dish
The Mynt restaurant in Sunnyvale “veggie Kofta balls”
Dicks Bakery in San Jose “burnt almond cake”
House of bagels in San Jose &  San Francisco “Cheese Danish”
House of bagels in San Jose & San Francisco “Long onion rolls”
Delish in Seattle “yellow split pea dal”
Delish in Seattle “injera”

Pease advise. Thank you very much for your help??????


Hi Bunny,

Well, I went ahead and checked your entire list. I find that I am too impatient to spread them over several days or weeks I'm glad that you were able to buy some "Joann's Sweet & Crispy Pickles". I am a little surprised that you found any available product, because it seemed to me that the company had vanished.

The other recipes on your list are just not available. I could not find even one recipe or copycat recipe or "tastes-like" recipe or recommendation for any of them. I have found a couple of recipes from "Tao Tao" in the past(not for shrimp in lobster sauce.)
The previous Tao Tao searches were for "Tao Tao Beef" and "Tao Tao Chicken Salad"

Surprisingly, I read on a message board that Dick's Bakery uses commercial cake mixes and instant or premade custards for their "Burnt Almond Cake".  So, the only way to duplicate it would be to obtain those same commercial products. However, the recipe that I sent you a link to is supposed to be very good and similar to Dick's. It did mention Dick's and claimed that it was better.

Bunny, as I said before, when someone asks me to find a particular recipe from a particular restaurant or brand, and the recipe is not available, I don't make recommendations of other recipes for the dish. I can't. That's not what they asked for.  If someone asks for a recipe for macaroni & cheese from George's Cafeteria, I'm not going to send them a recipe for mac & cheese from Ned's Diner, no matter how good someone says Ned's mac & cheese is, or how good I think it is.  If Ned's recipe says "this tastes just like George's mac & cheese", then I will send that, because that's a "tastes-like" recipe. Someone who has tasted both Ned's and George's mac & cheese is then saying they taste very similar.  Similarly, unless I have tasted a requested dish from a particular restaurant, I can't recommend a substitute recipe. 

I admit that I make exceptions occasionally, I but usually only in special cases.

Anyhow, instead of posting my individual replies to your list of requests, I am just going to post the list for reader input and admit that I could not find any of them.


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