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Joann's Sweet & Crispy Pickles

Re: Joann's sweet pickles
From: Bunny
Date: 11/24/2021, 4:01 PM

On 11/23/2021 8:15 PM, Bunny  wrote:

“Joann sweet pickles” they are produced in Georgia & only available from 
very limited sources on the internet - they are like eating candied cucumbers!!!


Hi Bunny,

I think that what you mean here is "Joanna's Sweet and Crispy Pickles."

The company, "Joann's Foods", began in Thomasville, Georgia, then moved to Atlanta. They also appear to have made forays into Florida and Texas. They had both a company webpage and a Facebook page in 2012.  The founder of the business, Todd Ponder, based their products on his mother's - Joann's - pickle recipes.

Todd Ponder opened a Twitter page in 2012, but never posted anything. Likewise, the Facebook page for the company, has had no posts since 2012. The company's webpage has been removed. Perhaps the enterprise failed and the company went out of business.

The only site advertising Joann's pickles for sale is: Sweet Grass Dairy. Even this place may be out of stock.

I cannot find even a hint of a recipe for these pickles.


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