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Today's Case

Rye Party Bread

Subject: Can't Find A Grocery Product?
From: Karen
Date: 12/9/2021, 2:50 PM
To: ""

Dear Uncle Phaed,

I found something out that may be of some interest to you and your readers.

Every holiday season I make several different appetizers using Pepperidge Farm Jewish 
Rye Party Bread which is a unique loaf of small, very thinly sliced cocktail size bread.  
Have been looking in multiple supermarkets for it – unavailable. Grocery personnel have 
told me looks like it has been discontinued.

I called Pepperidge Farm corporate offices.  I was told because of supply chain issues, 
worker shortages, and related delivery issues they had to place  a few of their products 
“on pause” and party bread was one of them.  These products are not discontinued but no 
estimate could be given when they will become available.  Perhaps on pause accounts for 
some other missing products?

I was told quite a while back (before Pandemic) Rubschlager Bread Cocktail Rye a similar 
product is no longer made.  Oh well. . .

Happy Holidays!


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