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Pizzeria Uno Sea Delico Pizza

Subject: Pizzeria Uno Sea Delico Pizza
From: Patrice
Date: 11/17/2021, 12:01 PM

On 11/17/2021 10:44 AM, Patrice wrote:


You offer an amazing service, wow.  I love scanning through your index of recipes!

I have been pining for Pizzeria Uno's Sea Delico pizza ever since they removed it 
from their menu many years ago. It was a personal pan type pizza with thick, garlicky 
crust but what also made it special was a white (not red) sauce base. It was topped 
with delectable seafood and cheese and I swear that was real butter swimming on top.  
Oh it was to die for.  The last time I had it was in Houston, TX on Bellaire Blvd 
around 1999 but it was on their national menu as well.

I have searched high and low, but never elicited help from an official sleuth so I'm 
giving it a final try before giving up to my food memory bank.

Blessings to you from Texas,


Hi Patrice,

There are complaints all over about Uno discontinuing their sea delico pizza, and requests on several message boards from folks looking for the recipe. No joy, sorry.

There is a recipe here that says: “This was created to mimic the wonderful seafood pizza we used to enjoy at Pizzeria Uno in Cincinnati Ohio.": Seafood Pizza
It's worth a try, since it is all there is.

I have some seafood pizza recipes here: 10-01-2003
I've no idea if any of them is similar to Uno's sea delico pizza . You'd have to try them and see.

There is a recipe here that says it is "The Top-Secret Recipe For Pizzeria Uno Deep Dish Pizza": The Top-Secret Recipe For Pizzeria Uno Deep Dish Pizza
You might start with that and create your own copycat.

I will post this for reader input.


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