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Uncooked Fruit Cake with Marshmallows

Re: Recipe for No Bake Fruitcake with Marshmallows
From: Ruth
Date: 11/15/2021, 11:12 AM

On 11/15/2021 8:44 AM, Ruth wrote:

Good morning.
This is going to be unusual because I am sending you the recipe I want! 
Unfortunately, this well-loved recipe has a big smudge on it and I need 
someone to help me figure out what i under the smudge. In passing this 
around to my cousins, we think the smudge is just over the size of jar 
for blackberry jam.

I saw some folks on your site asking about a fruitcake from KY that used 
blackberry jam and I'm wondering if this is the recipe. Perhaps if they 
see it, it will jog their memory and I can finally solve the smudge mystery!
My memaw made this fruitcake every year and nobody in our family has the 
recipe, none of the grandchildren of her friends can remember this fruitcake 
and it's nowhere on the internet. My memaw and pepaw were from KY, 
White County/Falls of Rough area and she would have brought this recipe with 
her from home to her new home in Indiana.

I appreciate any help you can give me with this and if someone out there can 
figure the smudge out and I can make this, we will have one thrilled family 
here in TX!

Hi Ruth,

I searched the web for a matching recipe, but I had no success. I'll certainly post this for reader input.

I know that the post you are referring to as a possibility is the one from Anne from Kentucky, but note that she didn't say the cake she was looking for was uncooked or no-bake: 12-24-2004
Note also that the recipes that I found for Anne, although they had similar ingredients to yours, were all baked as well.

I no longer have Anne's e-mail address, or I would write to her directly.

Anyhow, let's try posting your request and seeing what happens.


Folks, I have transcribed the readable parts of Ruth's recipe below. The lines of the recipe that the stain has made illegible are marked as ????????. Please help if you have or can find this recipe. We are looking for a particular recipe, so please don't send uncooked fruit cake recipes that don't match the ingredients and amounts listed, no matter how good they are.

Uncooked Fruit Cake

2 1/2 lbs    		graham crackers
3 cups        		coarsely chopped nuts
1 lb        		butter or oleo
1 lb        		dates
2 lbs        		currants

???????????? blackberry jam
???????  jelly

1 3/4 cups    		honey
1/2 cup        		grated candied orange rind
1 pint         		maraschino cherries (no juice)
1/2 large pkg   	marshmallows (cut in small pieces or use miniature)
3 1/2 cups    		raisins
1 teaspoon 		each of cloves, allspice, and cinnamon

heat honey and butter and spices until butter is melted.
Cool. Chip fruit with scissors and add to honey - butter
mixture. Roll crackers very fine, mix well together
and let stand for two hours. Then pack into lined pans.
After 24 hours unmold and decorate as desired.

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