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The Chicken Coop, Hartford, CT

Subject: The Chicken Coop Chicken, Hartford Ct.
From: Ada
Date: 4/30/2021, 9:03 AM

On 4/29/2021 5:08 PM, Ada wrote:

Will you please send me the recipe for my favorite chicken ever. 
From the Chicken Coop in Hartford, Ct. Located near Bushnell park
Back in days. Thank you 


Hello Ada,

I wish that I had, or could find, The Chicken Coop's fried chicken recipe so that I could send it to you. It does not appear to be available anywhere at all. This is the second time that I have scoured every resource available to me for it. I also searched for it back in 2019. See:  3-08-2019

There is a long thread about The Chicken Coop on this site: Does Anyone Remember The Chicken Coop?

There were several locations at one time. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, the Chicken Coop owners had a restaurant called "The Chicken Roost" that served the same chicken and onion rings.


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