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Zen Garden Peanut Cucumber Tofu Salad

Subject: Zen Garden Cucumber tofu salad
From: Jackie
Date: 3/23/2021, 6:05 AM

On 3/22/2021 6:54 PM, Jackie wrote:

The Courier Journal had this recipe in their restaurant recipe archives but I canít 
find that archive anymore. So many good recipes! Anyways, my friend and I loved zen 
garden and that salad was our fave. Can you help?
Thank you so much,

Hi Jackie,

The Louisville Courier Journal archive is now a pay site. The recipe may be there, but you'll have to subscribe to get it. If you live in Louisville, you might be able to access the archives for free at your local library.

I found an image of the Zen Garden menu on their Facebook page, which is still online even though the restaurant is closed. See here: Zen Garden Menu

There is no "Cucumber Tofu Salad" on the menu, but there is a "Cucumber and Peanut Salad" with tofu in it. Perhaps that is it? It is described like this:

Cucumber and Peanut Salad $4.95 Cucumber, carrots, celery, cilantro, peanuts and tofu in an oil and soy vinegar dressing.

I did not have any success locating a recipe for this. The description seems simple. You might try making it without the recipe. "Oil and soy vinegar dressing" is made with sesame oil and "soy vinegar" which is a mixture of rice vinegar and soy sauce (recipes on the web) and sometimes ginger.

I will post this for reader input.


Yes! The cucumber peanut salad! Thank you so much for looking into it! I think 
I will start with the library. Then I might even pay.  
Thanks again and have a great evening,


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