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Pizitz Bakery Strawberry Delite

Subject: Pizitz Bakery Strawberry Delite
From: Paul
Date: 3/17/2021, 8:48 AM

On 3/17/2021 12:45 AM, Paul wrote:

Hi Uncle Phaedrus,
Have a neighbor looking for Pizitz Bakery's Strawberry Delite recipe. 
I see you've already found that bakery's recipe for rum cake. Hope you 
can help with this other tasty treat from the same bakery in metro Birmingham, AL.


Hello Paul,

I cannot find anything with that name connected with Pizitz Bakery or with Birmingham, AL. I tried both "Delite" and "Delight".

In trying to search for "Strawberry Delite" or "Strawberry Delight" recipes in general, I am at a disadvantage because I do not know what it is. Can you provide a description?

I did find a "Strawberry Delight Cake" that is sold at "Just Wright Delights" bake shop in Pleasant Grove, AL - not far from Birmingham.

See the Facebook page at: Just Wright Delights

There is a photo of the cake on that page, if you scroll down a bit.

I don't think there is a recipe for the Pizitz product on the web,  but there might be something similar. In order to search for a recipe that might be similar, I need a description of it.

I'll post this for reader input.


On 3/17/2021 8:54 AM, Paul wrote:

This is an image she found of the cake. The dark color on top is a 
strawberry glaze. Thanks so much for your help!

The image is a b&w newspaper ad for the cake, with this description:
Strawberry Delite Cake
Baked with strawberry bits, finished with strawberries and buttercreme coconut.

Hi Paul,

Sorry, I'm not having any success with this search. I'll post it. Maybe one of my Alabama readers can help.


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