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Strouss Malted Milkshake

Subject: do you have the original strouss malts recipe?
From: HollyRose
Date: 3/6/2021, 8:30 AM

On 3/6/2021 12:07 AM, hollyrose wrote:

do you have the original strouss malts recipe?

Thank you

Hi HollyRose,

The Strouss' Department Store in Youngstown, Ohio, which closed in 1986, sold a legendary malted milkshake in a shop in their basement. It must have been very good, because people are still begging for the recipe. It's said by some that the taste of a Wendy's Frosty is similar, but that it pales in comparison. I searched for this recipe ten years ago in connection with the May Company Department Store in Cleveland, OH, which sold a similar malted milkshake. See: 9-7-2011

Nick Lavanty is supposed to have the old Strouss' malt machine and a recipe. Nick sells Strouss malts out of a booth at the Mahoning County Fair in Canfield, Ohio every year. See: Taste of the Past

An ice cream shop called the "Honey Hut" with locations on State Rd in Cleveland and Parma, on Pearl Rd in Strongsville and at the intersection of Rts 21 and 82 in Brecksville is said to have one of the original Strouss malt machines and to sell the malts.

I also found this statement - The original Strouss Malt machine is at the Jay's Hot Dog's on 422 in Camel near 4 Seasons Flea Market here: The Department Store Museum

Finally, Bojo's Creamery at 7185 Market St in Boardman and  on South Raccoon Road in Austintown has Strouss malts  made from the original recipe. See: Bojo's Creamery

I searched for, but had no success locating a recipe, a copycat, or even a "tastes-like recipe" for a malted milkshake from Strouss or from any of these places - May's, Nick's, Honey Hut, Jay's Hot Dogs, or Bojo's Creamery. Sorry, I have no idea whether any or all of these places are still in operation.

I read on a message board that the original Strouss malt recipe called for a raw egg. I hope that anyone trying to duplicate the Strouss malt uses pasteurized eggs to avoid possible food poisoning.

I'll post this for reader input.


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