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Bob's Cake Box Meltaways

Subject: Bob's Cake Box meltaways
From: Susan
Date: 3/2/2021, 6:06 PM

On 3/2/2021 2:22 PM, Susan wrote:

Dear Uncle Phaedrus,

I am looking for a recipe for “Meltaways” from Robert Tilton of Bob’s Cake Box 
in Trenton.
They were sort of a Danish with a chocolate icing.
After he passed away in 2016, his daughter, Stacy, said she was going to go through 
his box of hand written recipes and would send it if she found it.
Alas, I lost touch with her when she deleted her Facebook account.
Do you have any connections to find this recipe?

Thanks and be well~


Hi Susan,

Sorry, I had no success with this. The only mentions that I can find of "Bob's Cake Box" at 876 Beatty in Trenton are in obituaries. No mention of the "meltaways" at all. Recipes from a bakery are problematic. You almost never see them on the Internet. Occasionally you might see a copycat recipe for a bakery product, but there are none for any products from Bob's. Bob's last address was Columbus, NJ when he passed away in 2016. His obituary is here:

Robert Tilton.

Robert Tilton's relatives and descendants are listed in that obituary. It says this:
Stacy M. Tilton and fiancé Jimmie Avery of Cream Ridge.
It appears that Stacy owns and operates "Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue" in Cream Ridge. They have a website at: Amazing Mutts.

Trenton baker Walter Czajkowski used to work at Bob's Cake Box, and now he runs "The Pie’d Piper at the Trenton Farmer’s Market". They have a Facebook page at:  The Pied Piper Gourmet Shop.

He worked at Bob's Cake Box for many years, through high school and college, so he should know something about those meltaways. There is an article about "The Pie’d Piper" here:

The Taste Chase.

That's all that I can find. If you can contact Stacy or Walter Czajkowski, you might have some success. Contact information for them are on those sites linked above.

I looked at some recipes for "meltaways", but that name "meltaways"  is used for several different pastries and cookies. There is not enough information for me to tell if one of them might be similar to those from "Bob's Cake Box".


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