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The Melting Pot Belgian Waffles

Subject: LA Melting Pot waffles
From: Anne
Date: 2/21/2021, 6:16 AM

On 2/20/2021 7:26 PM, Anne wrote:

Hi! In Los Angeles in the 1970's there was a restaurant called The Melting Pot on Melrose.  
They had the first Belgian-style waffle I'd ever tasted, and it had a very distinctive, 
light flavor. 

I've never found the recipe anywhere, so I wouldn't be shocked if you can't either, but I 
would be willing to experiment myself if I had any clues to their ingredients. Buckwheat? 
A particular spice?  Molasses? They seemed rather brown for waffles, but light and crispy.

Any leads greatly appreciated! 


Hi Anne,

First I want to make the distinction that "The Melting Pot" at 8490 Melrose Ave in the 1970s was in no way related to "The Melting Pot" chain of restaurants currently in operation that specialize in fondue and that originated in Florida in the 1980s.

I was not able to find the Melting Pot's Belgian Waffle recipe. I could not find out much about the 1970s Melting Pot on Melrose at all. However, I did find readable photos of their menu here: Melting Pot Menu

This description of their Belgian Waffles is from that menu image, which you can read online at that link:

Our waffles are made of fresh stone ground unbleached flour and organic honey.
The Melting Pot Waffle: Our own Belgian waffle served with hot melted butter and maple syrup.

The brown color that you describe may have come from the unbleached flour, but I also read that honey in the batter will make the waffles browner. The flour is not described as buckwheat on the menu, but it might have been. I think it's doubtful that there was any molasses in the batter since there was honey.

That's all that I could find about the waffle ingredients. There are dozens of Belgian waffles recipes on the web, but I have no clue that any particular one might be similar to the Melting Pot's recipe. If you dare to experiment, you might start with a recipe that calls for honey and then use "fresh stone ground unbleached flour" to make the waffles. This recipe, from the L.A. Times, might work:  Raised Belgian Waffles

Try it with wheat flour first, then again with buckwheat flour and see which is closer. Omit the sunflower seeds.


 I've tried a LOT of waffles over the years, hoping for one that tasted similar, 
but nothing has even come close.  The unbleached flour and honey are good clues 
though.  Their recipes seem to have gone to oblivion, like Van de Kamp's, which 
I know many have sought for so long.  

I very much appreciate your kind assistance - thank you!

Hello Phaedrus

A friend who worked in the kitchen at Melting Pot in CA once told me that the package 
with the dry mix for the waffles, had malt listed as an ingredient. I have added powdered 
malt, like one would add to milkshakes, to my pancake/waffle mix and found the flavor to 
be what I remembered from the past. It may be the distinctive flavor Anne is missing. 


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