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The Boys Farmer's Market Chocolate Russian Coffee Cake

Subject: The Boys Farmer's Market Chocolate Russian Coffee Cake
From: Julie
Date: 2/14/2021, 1:29 PM

On 2/14/2021 1:42 PM, Julie wrote:

Please see the two pictures below. This is an absolutely sinful Coffee Cake, 
and I have been unable to find a recipe online that even comes close.
The crust is very similar to the crumble on top – full of butter and sugar, 
with the “filling” of a very dark, almost bitter, chocolate, and possibly 
sour cream.

This is just one of the phenomenal cakes at The Boys Farmer Market in 
Delray Beach, FL.

Can you please help with this recipe?

Hi Julie,

It's just friendlier when I know at least the first name of those who write. Thanks.

There is an article and a couple of great photos of this cake on this site: Jeff Eats

The Boys Farmers Market have a website here:  The Boys Del Ray

and a Facebook page here: The Boys on Facebook

They have a recipe page here: The Boys Recipes

Their bakery page is here: The Boys Bakery

However, like most bakeries, they just don't give away their recipes. There is no recipe for their Russian Coffee Cake on the web that I can find, nor is there one in any of our several Florida cookbooks. I had no success finding a copycat recipe. Something like this is very difficult to reverse engineer. Unless the bakery itself or an employee of the bakery gives out the recipe, it's pretty much a lost cause.

There are some previous searches that I did for Russian Coffee Cake recipes on these pages:




I'll post this for reader input.


Hi Julie,

I have a suggestion. The photos look like "potica" or "povitica" or "chocolate babka". Go to Google and type in: potica - then click on "images". Do the same thing with: povitica Then do the same with: chocolate babka

You will see that some of the photos of each of these cakes look like The Boys Farmer's Market Chocolate Russian Coffee Cake. I don't think you are going to have any success locating the Boy's recipe, but one of these might be very similar. I can't recommend one to you because I've never had any of them and I've never had The Boys Farmer's Market Chocolate Russian Coffee Cake. Perhaps you can find a photo that looks right and then click on it and go to the recipe.  If you have problems getting to a particular recipe, let me know and I will try to help.


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