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Kaplan's Deli Potato Salad

Subject: Kaplan's Deli potato salad recipe
From: Paula
Date: 1/4/2021, 5:23 PM

On 1/4/2021 4:39 PM, Paula wrote:

Happy New Year!

A friend of mine loved the potato salad at Kaplanís deli in 
Monticello, NY. I was born in Monticello and remember the deli 
well, but itís been gone a long time. Do you have any way of 
finding this recipe? It would mean a lot to us.

Thanks very much,


Hi Paula,

I cannot find a recipe for potato salad from Kaplan's Deli, just a few mentions that it was good.

There are other "deli" potato salad recipes on the web, but I could not find one that specifically said that it tasted like Kaplan's.

I'll post this, perhaps one of my readers can help.


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