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Mexican Sugar Cookies

Subject: Mexican Cookie recipe
From: Leslie
Date: 11/11/2018 1:30 PM

On 11/11/2018 12:31 PM, Leslie wrote:

Hi!  I've been looking for years for a recipe for what I would call a mexican sugar 
cookie I used to find them in Mexican markets, usually in a bag of assorted breads 
and cookies generically called "pan dulce".  The ones I'm interested in were about 
4 inches in diameter, pink colored, crackly top but still a little chewy. Very mild 
flavor, like a sugar cookie. I suspect they are made with lard, but not sure.
If you can find the recipe I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi Leslie,

I could not locate it, but I seem to recall a very similar request a few years ago. The request was vague, just a description of how the cookies looked, and as a result I was unable to locate anything specific. I'm afraid that it's the same with your request. I cannot really search for a recipe by a description of how the finished product looks. "Pan dolce' simply refers to "pastry". It is not the name of a specific cookie. I suggest you contact some Mexican bakeries or look at some online photos of Mexican cookies to try to find out the specific name of your cookie.

Have a look at these sites first:

Mexican Sugar Cookies

Polverones - Mexican Sugar Cookies

Mexican Sugar Cookies - Polverones

I'll post this for reader input


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