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Chicago Tribune Peach Kuchen

Subject: Re: Peach Kuchen
From: Barb
Date: 11/5/2018 4:52 PM

On 11/5/2018 3:16 PM, Barb wrote:

 This time it's been 4 years-but I have managed to once again lose a Chicago
 Tribune recipe clipping that I'm pretty sure was another Abby Mandel recipe
 because it used a food processor.
 I have of course google searched and can't find it or anything similar.

 Flour, sugar, butter plus diary was processed and some crumbs reserved.
 Reserved crumbs got more sugar and became streusel topping. Rest of dough
 was patted into pan and par baked.  Sliced fresh peaches were used along
 with a custard of eggs, diary, sugar.

 Can you help find this again?

Hello Barb,

I could not find a peach kuchen recipe that mentioned Abby Mandel at all.

I did find three peach kuchen recipes from the Chicago Tribune. Of those three, the only one that seems similar to your description is the one here: Chicago Tribune


You are amazing!

This IS basically the correct recipe, but comes from a later printing in the 
Tribune food section. Now I remember that at one point I had both clippings 
in my file.  I am quite certain that originally it ran under Abby Mandel's 
name and the dairy used was whipping cream.  This later reprint specifies 
sour cream.  When I realized a few years ago that the recipes in my binder 
were essentially duplicates, I only kept the earlier copy which I am guessing 
was printed in the 1980s.  This yellowed grease stained clipping is what I 
misplaced.  But now I have the basic proportions of fat/sugar/flour.  
Thanks again!


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