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Chicken N Ribs BBQ Sauce

Re: Chicken N Ribs BBQ sauce
From: Kaye
Date: 8/27/2023, 11:16 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 8/26/2023 9:28 PM, Kaye

Hello� I used to buy the above mentioned BBQ sauce from my local grocery stores.� 
However, it has been unavailable since covid.� I have researched the item and 
tried to find a recipe but to no avail. I have determined it is a Kentucky family 
recipe handed down for generations, and The Carriage House distributed it.�I would 
love to have the recipe or anything close to it if possible.� 
Thanks in advance.� Kaye

Hello Kaye,

Sometimes, when I start searching for a product, I feel like I've fallen down a rabbit hole. That's true of this one.

All of the grocery sites I checked that used to sell "Chicken 'n Ribs BBQ Sauce" now say "out of stock" or "no longer sell this product". Photos of the bottle say "A Southern Favorite."� There is another bbq sauce, in a different bottle, called "Mark's Chicken & Rib BBQ Sauce, but it is made in Texas and does not appear to be related to our search.

Several sites say "made in Kentucky" or "Kentucky family recipe." Some say it was made by "The Carriage House Company". It is apparently not made at all now.

There is a BBQ Blog called (ManUp Texas BBQ Blogspot) and also a Facebook page called(ManUp Texas BBQ ) that has photos of the bottles and says that it's going to try the product, but there's no review there. There have been no blog posts since 2017 and the FaceBook page has no entry more recent than 2016.

I had no success finding a recipe or a copycat recipe or a "tastes-like" recommendation for the sauce.

As for "The Carriage House Company", I can't find any trustworthy evidence of it having a manufacturing location in Kentucky. It's home location appears to have been 196 Newton St., Fredonia, NY. I found it advertised as a trucking company and later as a food company specializing in condiments and sauces, possibly imported. It seems that it was acquired by Ralcorp Holdings and later it changed owners again. I could not find anything about why "Chicken 'n Ribs BBQ Sauce" is no longer available.

There is a site here(dated 2023!): Tony Chan that purports to give a "history" of "Chicken 'n Ribs BBQ Sauce." However, this history, like the site itself, makes my spidey sense tingle. Who is Tony Chan? Who is Sonia Meyer, the author of the article? Above all, who is "Chef John Smith?" I can find nothing to support the accuracy of this article.

I will post this. Perhaps one of my readers can recommend a bbq sauce that "tastes-like" "Chicken & Ribs."

Meanwhile, if I were you. I would go to these two "man up Texas" sites, and collect the email addresses of the bloggers and the owner of the Facebook page. Write to them, briefly and carefully. If they are still around, perhaps they can recommend a "tastes-like" sauce. They at least appear to be honest BBQ connoisseurs.

ManUp Texas Blogspot

ManUp Texas on Facebook


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