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Fig Cake with Loblolloy Sauce

Subject: Re: Fig Cake with Loblolly Sauce
From: Lisa
Date: 9/17/2018 10:46 AM

On 9/16/2018 9:15 PM, Lisa wrote:

Greetings Uncle Phaed,

A friend is looking for a loblolly, or maybe lop lolly, sauce recipe for a fig cake her grandmother 
used to make. The grandmother lived in the Green, NY area. She made a layered white cake and added 
fig jam between the layers (she boiled the figs in sugar and water until thickened), She cooked the 
loblolly sauce on top of the stove then poured over the cake.


Hi Lisa,

Sorry, I cannot find any mention of a sauce called "loblolly", "lob lolly", "loplolly", or "lop lolly." I checked not only on the Internet, but also in regional, historical, and other cookbooks.

There is a savory stew called "loblolly", and "hasty pudding" was sometimes been called "loblolly." British sailors called their gruel "loblolly."

I must say also that I could not find a town in New York called simply "Green, NY." It must be so tiny as not to be on maps or it must have been abandoned long ago.

I will post this for reader input.




This is not a recipe for "fig cake with loblolly sauce,", but it occurs to me that since "hasty pudding" was once known as "loblolly," the sauce that is served over "hasty pudding" might have once been called "loblolly sauce", and some cooks may have served it over other desserts, such as fig cake.

See below for a recipe from here:


Hasty Pudding Sauce

1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla

In a sauce pan mix all ingredients. Bring to a boil for 1 minute. Serve warm over hasty pudding.
Subject: 9/16/2018 query from Lisa re: Fig Cake w/ Lop lolly sauce
From: Ron
Date: 12/20/2019, 4:40 PM

This came up when I googled 'loplolly sauce'.  My grandmother always made and served 
a steamed pudding,  'Suet Pudding" as she called it, on Christmas eve that she served 
with 'Loplolly'.  Since she never used recipes and made everything from memory and 
without any measuring instruments, it is not known exactly what went into her cooking.  
My mother recreated a recipe for the pudding, made from stale bread, flour, raisins, 
spices and ground Suet.  But had never been able to duplicate the Loplolly which was 
a thin, slightly sweet white sauce made with milk or water and flour or cornstarch, 
sugar and usually lemon juice.  It was really great on the pudding. Since my mother's 
death, my wife makes a pudding every Christmas, substituting Crisco shortening for 
the Suet.  I've tried to duplicate the Loplolly but have never matched it.

I don't know where it came from,  My grandfather came from Wales and my Grandmother's 
ancestors were Welsh and English.  Incidentally Lisa refers to her Grandmother being 
born in Green, NY.  My  3rd GGrandmother was born in Greene County, NY.  I wonder if 
this is the Green reference she gives.


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