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Morrison's Cucumber Salad

Re: Morrison Cafeteria salad
From: Paula
Date: 7/31/2023, 8:32 AM
To: Phaedrus 


By chance do you have the recipe for the delicious Mayo/cucumber/tomato/onion salad?

I still remember how much I loved it. 

Thank you. 
Miss Paula 

Hello Paula,

The closest salad to your description in the Morrison's Kitchen Manual that I have is "Morrison's Cucumber Mix Salad", but it has oil & vinegar dressing, not mayonnaise, and it has bell pepper in addition to cucumber + tomato + onion. I can send you that.


On 7/30/2023 5:29 PM, Paula wrote:

I?d love that one. Thank you ??

Hi Paula,

See below. Remember, this is a cafeteria recipe and therefore it is for a large number of servings. You will have to cut it way down in order to make one or two servings.

However, this will give you an idea of the ingredients and their ratios.


Cucumber Mix Salad


Cucumbers(uncleaned)   16 pounds
Tomatoes                4 pounds
Bell Peppers            2 pounds
Onions(ringed)          4 pounds
Sugar                   2 ounces
Oil                   1/2 quart
Vinegar                 1 quart

Clean cucumbers and score with fork. Slice.

Mix all ingredients well.

Yield: 60 orders in a soup bowl.

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