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Morrison's Breaded Veal Cutlets

The breaded veal cutlet recipe from the Morrison's kitchen manual is below.


Morrison's Breaded Veal Cutlets   

Seasoned Flour
Milk            2 lbs
Voltex**        6 ozs
Cracker Crumbs   

Season cutlets with salt and pepper. Roll cutlets in flour.
Add six ounces of Voltex** to two pounds of milk, beat well,
season to taste with salt and pepper.

Dip floured cutlets in egg wash, and then into cracker crumbs.
Pat lightly in cracker crumbs.

Fry in shortening at 375 degrees.
Cutlets should be cooked immediately after breading.
Do not bread more than you intend to cook at any time.

No quantities were given for anything except the Voltex** and the milk.

**Many of the Morrison's Cafeteria recipes from the actual Morrison's kitchen manuals
call for something called "Voltex." This was an institutional food service product,
a frozen mixture of liquid eggs and margarine that appears to have been made by
Fleischmann's. It is no longer being sold. I have been told by a former Morrison's
chef that the liquid whole eggs product sold in supermarkets may be substituted using
the same weight and ratio as the amount of Voltex called for in the recipes.

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