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Great Scot Chocolate Chip Cookies

Re: Great Scot Chocolate chip cookie
From: Jennifer
Date: 4/15/2023, 8:58 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 4/14/2023 8:45 PM, jennifer wrote:

I'm looking for a chocolate chip cookie that was made at Great Scot grocery stores 
years ago, mid 1990's.  Ours was in Evansville IN.  I believe it was a chain, but I'm 
not sure how big (regional maybe?, I don't really know). 
I've searched online for a copycat recipe and not had any luck at all. 
They made the cookies big and flat, several inches wide. 
I'm not sure when Great Scot went out of business. 
Thanks for any help. 

Hello Jennifer,

I had no success finding a recipe for the chocolate chip cookies from Great Scot Supermarkets.

There is a Facebook page set up for former employees and fans of Great Scot Supermarkets here:  Great Scot Supermarket Facebook Page

I did a search of the posts on that Facebook page, and I found a lot of discussion about those chocolate chip cookies among them. See: Search of Great Scot Supermarket Facebook Page

In those posts, many people asked for the chocolate chip cookie recipe and a couple of people claimed to have the recipe, but no one ever actually posted a recipe that I could find. I think that if anyone has the recipe, that Facebook page would be the place to find it. You can post another request for it there.

While searching, I noticed that another grocery chain called "Community Markets" kept popping up. That chain is in Ohio and Indiana, and "Great Scot" is actually printed on some of their pages. There seems to be a connection between the two chains and Community Markets may have Great Scot's recipes.

I will post this for reader input. Perhaps someone can provide additional information or a "tastes-like recipe."


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