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Mexican Chocolate Cheesecake

Re: Need recipe
From: Christy
Date: 4/11/2023, 8:56 AM

On 4/11/2023 8:40 AM, Christy wrote:

Nestle la lachera Mexican chocolate cheesecake kit was a very simple recipe 
and the cheesecake was to die for. I had called Nestle and gotten measurements 
so I didn't need kit. I live in the town the burned to the ground in 2018 so 
all my collection of old cookbooks and all my recipes burned too. I'd appreciate 
any help procuring the recipe again. 
In the box was a small can of condensed milk, cookie crumbs, and abuelita chocolate. 
I added cream cheese, butter and I think eggs. 

Hi Christy,

Perhaps this is it:  Mexican Cheesecake Recipe with Lechera


Hey Phaed:
The cheesecake recipe you listed had no chocolate.
If I remember correctly the chocolate version added two 90 grams tablets of 
Nestlé Abuelita Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate Drink, finely grated.
Timm in Oregon
Subject: Back of box directions - Nestle La Lechera Mexican Style Chocolate Cheesecake kit
Date: 	Mon, 8 May 2023 14:46:45 +0000 (UTC)
From: 	Cynthia 
To: 	Phaedrus 


I saw the request from "Christy" dated 4/11/23 for a recipe similar to the 
Nestle La Lechera Mexican Style Chocolate Cheesecake Kit.  I found an image 
of the back of the box that contains directions for the kit.  It might help 
in terms of the amount of Abuelita chocolate to add, etc.  I am attaching it.

I hope this helps!  Cynthia

Nestle La Lechera Mexican Style Chocolate Cheesecake Kit back of box.jpeg 102 KB

Transcribed from photo:

Back of box directions - Nestle La Lechera Mexican Style Chocolate Cheesecake kit

Ingredients in addition to kit:

4	tablespoons butter
12	ounces cream cheese
2	large eggs

1. Graham Cracker Crust
   	Preheat oven to 325°
	Melt butter in medium microwave safe bowl.
	Mix in crust mix until well blended.
	Press crust mixture firmly onto bottom and
	up sides of9-inch pie plate.

2.  Cheesecake Filling
	Break chocolate bar along pre-scored lines.
	Place 8 squares of chocolate and the Sweetened 
	Condensed Milk in medium microwave-safe bowl.
	Microwave on high(100%) power for 1 minute and
	stir until smooth.

	Set aside remaining 2 squares of chocolate for
	topping.[Cook's Tip: for a more intense Nestle® 
	Abuelita® chocolate flavor, melt all 10 squares 
	of choolate with the sweetened condensed milk for 
	the filling.]

	Beat with mixer the room temperature cream cheese 
	in large mixer bowl on high speed until completely 

	Add Nestle® Abuelita® mixture and beat until smooth, 
	scraping side of bowl as needed. Add eggs one at a 
	time, beating on low speed after each addition. 
	Pour into crust.

3. Bake and Chill
	Bake on center oven rack for 30 to 35 minutes or until 
	almost set. Sides will puff up but center will jiggle 
	when gently shaken.

	Finely chop remaining 2 squares of chocolate bar and 
	sprinkle around edge of cheesecake after removing from 

	Cool to room temperature, about 1 hour.
	Cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.	

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