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Rossi's Pastry Shop

Subject: Rossi's Italian Ice
From: Alison
Date: 4/10/2023, 3:59 PM
To: Phaedrus 

On 4/10/2023 2:17 PM, Alison wrote:

Hello, I saw this post from many years ago regarding the Rossi's Italian Ice/Custard: 7-12-2010
I am unclear though as to which was supposed to be the correct recipe. 
Was it the gelato or the spumoni? Many of the links no longer work, 
but I can try Googling some myself. I am trying to find the same thing 
the OP was searching for, Rossi's custard recipes. Thank you! 


Hello Allison,

The mystery of Rossi Bakery's "spumoni" was not settled at the time, but perhaps I can settle it now. "Spumoni" is a gelato dish with three flavors of gelato, similar to "Neapolitan" ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) but with different flavors of gelato like cherry and pistachio and usually either vanilla or chocolate (and sometimes with actual cherries and pistachio nuts). All three are gelato, but the dish with three flavors of gelato is "spumoni." It's said that when vanilla is used as the third flavor of gelato, the red cherry, green pistachio, and white vanilla gelatos represent the three colors of the flag of Italy: red, green, and white.

That previous poster was looking for an "Italian vanilla custard ice." That would be a vanilla gelato, not spumoni.

Searching again today, I finally found something about "Rossi's Pastry Shop" in the Bronx, but there are no mentions of their recipes anywhere that I can find: The Bronx

If you want a recipe for a "Vanilla Italian Ice", there are some on the internet. But don't waste your time searching on "spumoni". Search for "Vanilla Italian Ice" or "Vanilla Gelato." 


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