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Russian Coffee Cake

Subject: Russian Coffee cake
From: David
Date: 3/26/2019, 2:19 PM

On 3/26/2019 12:41 PM, David wrote:

Officially, I can't get this anywhere on Long Island anymore. 
I guess every 6 years you are asked this, but any progress on a recipe??

Thanks so much.


Hello David,

Well, I have to ask "Which recipe?"

It's no problem finding a recipe on the web for "Russian Coffee Cake."† See these pages:



Genius Kitchen


The problem is that recipes for "Russian Coffee Cake" are not all the same, and most people who request this are looking for a recipe to duplicate the "Russian Coffee Cake" that they used to buy at a particular bake shop.

I've had the most requests for "Zabar's" Russian coffee cake, which was actually made by Delancy's, but people have also requested recipes for the cake they get at other bakeries.

You may not be able to get Russian Coffee Cake at the bakeries you have checked on Long Island, but it's still available in NYC, mostly at Jewish bakeries.

There are numerous cake cookbooks and Jewish cookbooks with recipes in them for Russian Coffee Cake.

There's no way for me to find a recipe for a particular version of Russian Coffee Cake unless I have a detailed enough description of the cake you want so that I can identify it when I see. Actual bakery recipes for such things are exceedingly rare to find on the web, but I can try to search by the name of the bakery. Otherwise, a detailed description of the particular cake is necessary.


On 3/22/2019 3:27 PM, David wrote:

Sorry Phaed for not being more specific. Yes, Iím aware Zabarís(and son) makes and 
sells the type Iím looking for. In Long Island there was a kosher bakery next to 
Fairway in Plainview that made a divine version and sold it to Fairway. They also 
closed about 2 years ago. The flat, very dense version that is made in a variety of 
incarnations i.e. choc, fruit filled,etc. You can use them as door stops they weigh 
so much and are sold/cut by the pound. Iíve scoured the internet and tried to track 
down some out of print Jewish cookbooks to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. 
Thanks again.


Hi David,

Sorry, I still can't find a clue. What was the name of the kosher bakery that sold them to Fairway?


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