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Fried Ribs

Subject: Fried Ribs
From: Kristy
Date: 3/16/2019 2:26 PM

On 3/16/2019, Kristy wrote:

Have you ever heard of fried pork ribs? My husband says that he had them years ago at a cafe
in South Alabama. He can't remember the name of the cafe or even the name of the town it was in.

Hi Kristy,

Fried ribs are a thing, and there are several recipes. Many recipes call for smoking the ribs first, but not all. See: Grillax

The only recipe I can find from a cafe in South Alabama is from the "Amazing Grace Cafe" in Dozier, Alabama. This is from "Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes" by Anita Musgrove. These ribs aren't smoked first. See below for the recipe.


Fried Ribs

Oil for frying
8 to 10 riblets strips (or feather bones is another name)
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup buttermilk
4 cups self-rising flour
garlic powder, black pepper and seasoned salt to taste

Heat at least 2 inches oil in a heavy iron pot (preferable) or frying pan to 300 degrees.
Wash meat with cool water; pat dry and place in bowl. Blend eggs  and buttermilk. Pour
over ribs and stir to coat well. Mix flour and seasonings, then dredge strips through 
flour until all sides are covered (work in batches only flouring the amount you are
flouring). Gently place the meat in oil and brown to your desired color, turning only 
once. Serves 3 to 4 people. 

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