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Rasa Malaysia Noodles

Re: Rasa Malaysia
From: Alan
Date: 2/1/2024, 8:55 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 2/1/2024 12:47 AM, Alan wrote:

Good Evening,

I love your site.
Here’s my request.

In Seattle around the mid to late eighties there was a restaurant near Greenlake 
called Rasa Malaysia. They used to sell these dark thin but chewy noodles. 
The sauce was slightly sweet, dark, and not that spicy, but they had a slight 
gingerly flavor.  They were a hearty serving, and I remember them having a 
garnish of green onions, The sauce was thick, and the noodles soaked up 
almost all the sauce giving you a nice smooth, yet chewy feel. I think they 
closed around early 2000 or so.  But I’d love to get that recipe. I apologize 
for not knowing the name of the dish, but they were a house specialty.

Thank you in advance,

Alan, Seattle WA

Hello Alan,

I found a few old reviews of "Rasa Malaysia." At one time, there were apparently six of them in Seattle. I am not able to find an actual menu from Rasa Malaysia from which I might be able to deduce the name of the dish. I looked at a dozen or so menus from other restaurants that specialize in Malaysian food, but that was not particularly helpful. There is a recipe site, also named "Rasa Malaysia," that has a lot of Asian recipes, including Malaysian, but there does not appear to be any direct connection between it and the Seattle restaurant.  See:  Rasa Malaysia

There was a request on "Reddit" that may be a request for the same dish. See: Reddit

Does anyone in Seattle remember Rasa Malaysia by Greenlake?

I used to be taken there as a treat by my folks when we were in town (I grew up in Everett). 
They had the most amazing noodles. It's been so long since they close, I haven't the foggiest 
idea what they were called. But they were salty and mildly saucy, with a nice sweetness. 
Does anyone know what those are called, where I can get more and/or can I make them at home?

On Reddit, this person was referred to a dish called "Mie Goreng." "Mie Goreng" or "Mee Goreng" is an Indonesian dish of wok-fried egg noodles in sweet soy & chili sauce with other ingredients such as chicken, seafood or vegetables. Perhaps that is your dish? There is a recipe for mie goreng here: Rasa Malaysia, and there are others on the web as well.

I will post this for reader input.